“When people hear the word ‘fika’ we want them to think of Löfbergs”

19 November 2020

With a brand-new coffee range hitting the retail shelves in early 2021, Löfbergs is introducing a taste of Swedish ‘togetherness’ – and the classic brick package – to the British consumers. “We want to take ownership of that Scandi-cool image in the UK. When people hear the word ‘fika’ we want them to think of Löfbergs,” says Wilson Clarke, Managing Director of Löfbergs UK.

SCC member Löfbergs began its journey on the UK market back in 2011, with the acquisition of Red Cup, a service business that focused on looking after high-end central London customers, with high-quality coffee, machines and backup service. After another acquisition of retail coffee brand Percol in its portfolio, it wasn’t until 2016 Löfbergs established its limited company in the UK. “I arrived in the company in 2016 and took over as Managing Director of the Red Cup business. After successfully merging the companies in 2018, we moved to Fika House, a purpose-built warehouse and offices about ten minutes from Heathrow in West Drayton. Today we run three main brands under the same roof – Löfbergs, as a food service coffee partner for a host of UK businesses, and the retail brands Percol and Plantation Wharf,” Wilson explains.

Launching Löfbergs into retail
Earlier this year, Löfbergs launched its own storefront on Amazon featuring some of their most popular ground coffees from Sweden. The initial introduction to the UK consumers is now being complemented by further launches into Co-Op and Ocado. “We have been having quite a few conversations with our retail partners about upcoming promotions, and in early 2021, we will follow up with the launch of our brand- new coffee range ‘Next Generation Coffee Lovers’,” Wilson says.

The most sustainable coffee company
According to Wilson, Löfbergs is known as the most sustainable co ee company in the world. “Whether that be the way we use renewable energy, having our own hybrid articulated lorry or the way that we source our coffee, sustainability is at the core of everything that we do.” Since 1996, they’ve worked with different certifications such as Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and UTZ. In 2019, 90% of their coffee was certified, with the goal to reach 100% in the near future. Löfbergs is also looking to expand its portfolio with new sustainable products. “We have a new range of recycled coffee products launching soon. For example, we will be using used coffee grounds to make syrups.”

Owning the Scandi-cool image
As part of a future drive, Löfbergs will be taking ownership of a number of Swedish traits in the UK. “Very early on, we recognised our Swedish heritage and didn’t try to hide around being an English company. Going forward, we want to own that Scandi-cool image, and that ‘Swedishness’. Also, when people hear the word ‘fika’ we want them to think of Löfbergs,” Wilson says.

Introducing the brick pack to the Brits
The square vacuum-packed brick package is another Swedish feature that will be introduced to the Brits. “That square brick that you would be used to buying on the supermarket shelves in Sweden is not really known here, we buy what’s called ‘soft bags’. But the UK retailers love the brick pack because it saves space, it stands up and looks better on the shelf.”

‘Togetherness’ – a vision for the future
As part of Löfbergs‘s strategy for 2030, ‘togetherness’ will be theming its vision of the future. “For example, we could introduce ‘fika’ at offices – a moment during the day for people to come together, whether it’s by the water cooler or the coffee machine,” Wilson explains. “It seems crazy at this moment to talk about ‘togetherness’ with the pandemic and everything that has been going on during the last months, but bringing people together and eliminating loneliness will be a big thing for the next ten years.”

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