About Us

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is an independent, nonprofit networking organisation. Today the Chamber has around 400 Member companies, representing not only Swedish companies but also British and European companies interested in strengthening their existing ties with Sweden and the UK or expanding to new markets.

Being one of the oldest Chambers abroad - we celebrated 100 years in 2006 - we pride ourselves on having given support to an ever growing business network as well as having provided information and added-value services to our Members for a century. Today the Swedish Chamber is one of the largest and most active foreign Chambers in the UK.

In addition, our sub-organisation the Young Professionals (YP) has approximately 250 individual Members, aged 25-35 and with an interest in the Anglo-Swedish business community. As a social networking organisation, the YP organises a wide range of both business-related and social activities, offering the opportunity to increase one's knowledge of business in the UK and expand one's network. 

The Chamber strives to be active, inclusive, service-minded, modern and at the same time takes pride in being an established partner, being dedicated to its Members since 1906.

Our mission is:

  • to provide the best professional and social platform and to facilitate business opportunities within the network
  • to be our Members’ voice in important Anglo-Swedish related business and political issues
  • to attract all small and large companies with an Anglo-Swedish interest to become Members 

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