The SCC appoints Bjorn Saven as Honorary Board Member

7 June 2024

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is delighted to announce the election of Bjorn Saven as new Honorary Board Member. This prestigious appointment recognises Mr. Saven's contributions and dedication to the Chamber over the years.

Bjorn Saven has a distinguished history with the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. From 2013 to 2019, he served as Vice Chair and his tenure on the Executive Committee from 2013 to 2019 further underscored his commitment to the Chamber's mission. Additionally, Mr. Saven was a vital member of the Board from 2012 until 2023.

Furthermore, thanks to a generous contribution from Inger and Bjorn Saven, the SCC has been honoured to open up applications for The Saven Scholarship in 2024. This scholarship stands as a testament to Mr. Saven's enduring impact on the Chamber and his dedication to fostering opportunities for future generations.

Bjorn Saven is widely respected in the business communities of both the UK and Sweden. As the founder of IK Partners, he has established a remarkable legacy in the business world. His profound understanding of the industry and his visionary leadership have earned him a stellar reputation, making him an ideal representative for the Swedish Chamber of Commerce.

The Board of Directors believes that Bjorn Saven is a deserving recipient of this honorary position. With his proven track record and unwavering commitment to the Chamber, we are confident that he will serve as an excellent ambassador, further strengthening the ties between Sweden and the UK.

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