New EU law increases producer responsibility for packaging

27 January 2023

As of 1 January 2023, producers selling or exporting packaged products to EU countries, including Sweden, are affected by the Extended Producers Responsibility. According to the new regulation, any producer bringing packaging into an EU country is regarded as a packaging producer, and is therefore obliged to see that the packaging is collected and recycled. Affected producers will need to register with the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, if they wish to continue putting products on the Swedish market.

Your company has producer responsibility if you:

  • Fill or otherwise use a package (to protect, present or facilitate the handling and transport of an item) in Sweden
  • Bring a packaged item to Sweden
  • Manufacture a package in Sweden (service packaging)
  • Bring a package to Sweden (service packaging)
  • From a country other than Sweden, sell a packaged product or a package to an end user in Sweden (this definition took effect from 1 January 2023)

FTI is the Swedish EPR system with national collection, and state of the art sorting and recycling. When affiliated to FTI, you are compliant with your obligation.

FTI offers advice and information to companies. The requirements of the law are fulfilled through a nationwide system for collecting and recycling of paper, plastic and metal packaging. Furthermore, FTI can support and help companies with

  • Collecting and recycling packaging
  • Packaging design that makes it easier to recycle
  • Labels on packaging to make them easier to sort correctly
  • Keeping track of regulatory requirements
  • Assistance for reporting to government agencies


Please do not hesitate to contact FTI if you have any questions:

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