A SCC Story: The membership that led to friends and a growing business

5 April 2024

In this issue, we spoke to Tania Tandon about how the SCC back in 2009 opened doors to a professional network, a familiar sense of ‘Swedishness’, and not least – an introduction to Ranj Begley. Not only did Tania find a close friend in Ranj, but this connection would also send a ripple effect to this day, making her business reach new heights in 2024. 

Tania takes us back to 2009, as she was returning to the London City-buzz after becoming a mother and law firm partner for the first time. At a new phase of her career, as she was seeking a platform which could widen her professional network while serving as a personal support system – someone suggested her to join the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. Tania vividly remembers the first event she ever went to, where ‘godis’ was served and Swedish was spoken.

“It really felt like coming home. Business networking felt personally rewarding, efficient, and honest.” 

Not long after, the distinguished Annika Goodwille, founder of Goodwille and former SCC director, reached out to Tania after noticing a new face in the network reading Link magazine. As Tania came to visit Annika’s offices in Kensington, one fateful encounter led to another.

“Annika introduced me to Ranj Begley, Managing Director UK and Chief Content Officer – Digital Media at the Swedish company and SCC patron Readly. With the Indian, British, Swedish and female connection points, Ranj and I started to build a personal and business relationship,” Tania recalls.   

In 2018, Tania took a leap from working at a City Law Firm to co-founding TandonHildebrand together with Richard Hildebrand. Being the first UK law firm to get rid of the traditional ‘billable hour model,’ she was now also able to focus the firm more on Sweden and Swedish businesses operating in the UK. With unlimited annual leave and no HR policies, the culture is rooted in Swedish culture of working as trusting adults, Tania explains. 

The ripple effect of Tania’s network, however, extends beyond the limits of business ventures. Last year, Ranj reached out to Tania and Richard asking if they would consider providing some guidance to a family friend of hers – a recent law graduate from Bristol University named Aaryan Sattani, deciding on the next steps in his career. This encounter eventually led to Aaryan, deciding to qualify as a lawyer with TandonHildebrand. Ranj comments:

“My own experience stands as a testament to the immense value that the SCC brings to its members, as well as the connections we cultivate to foster and nurture the next generation of leaders within the workforce,” she says.  

From Goodwille, Readly, and TandonHildebrand, to finding talent, friends, and business contacts – Tania has found herself reflecting on the opportunities and solutions the SCC has provided over the years. 

“It is the invisible less predictable reach of the SCC that provides incredible value. The membership and events are just a great springboard,” she concludes. 

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