Bridging the gap in global capital investments

28 May 2024

From organising street markets as a child to investing in stocks as a teenager - founder of SCC member Female Fund, Lovisa Löwenborg, sparked her entrepreneurial journey early on. Fuelled by a vision to drive sustainable economic growth and shine light on the inequality in capital invested worldwide, the fund is now ready to officially launch in 2024. While Luxembourg is the chosen base, Lovisa dreams of a global impact - eyeing the UK next. Her goal? A world where women everywhere shape a more equal and sustainable future.

Lovisa was born and raised in the town of Gävle in northern Sweden. Growing up, she showed entrepreneurial spirit from a very young age, as she began to set up street markets in her area. This came to spark great enthusiasm – both from the sales and the interaction with people it came with. 

“I grasped that making money wasn’t just enjoyable, but also afforded opportunities and granted autonomy in decision-making,” Lovisa explains. 

This mindset shaped Lovisas engagements going forward, and by the age of 19 she had purchased her own flat and started investing in the stock market. 

Getting down to business
The potential of empowerment through financial independence, combined with gender disparities in invested capital globally, has been the key driving factors for Lovisa in her career. In 2018, she co-founded ‘Wire (Woman in Real Estate) Invest,’ a network of women investing in real estate. As the network grew rapidly, a new idea began to take shape in Lovisas head – launching a fund solely owned and managed by women. The idea of Female Fund was born. 

“Boosting female investments and ownership is not just a matter of financial inclusion, control, and empowerment, but also crucial for driving sustainable economic growth across all sectors and in the world as a whole,” she explains. 

A bold approach
Reflecting on the journey from idea to realisation for Female Fund, Lovisa points out that it has not just been an easy street. However, with a great dose of determination and commitment to the cause, the fund is now set to launch in 2024. 

“My strategy in general, both in life and in business, is not to wait for the right wave to surf. My attitude is to get out on deep water and take the waves as they come and deal with it. There is no perfect moment. A vision is important, but then flexibility, resilience, hard work, and support from people in your network is the even more important to succeed. To make an impact we need people around us sharing the same vision to move forward.”

The goal is for the fund to gain international presence, and Lovisa sees big potential in the untapped capital waiting to be invested. Namely, she mentions how studies have shown that female investors are more likely to invest in projects that consider the ethical, social, and environmental impact alongside financial returns. 

“This alignment with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) values will have a positive impact on the world by directing capital toward companies and initiatives that contribute to a more sustainable and socially responsible global economy.” 

Opportunities ahead
Looking ahead, 2024 holds exciting prospects for Lovisa and Female Fund. Alongside the Luxembourg launch, a Swedish Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) targeting a group of 200 women open to female retail investors is on the horizon. With the ever-so present vision of reshaping the landscape of capital ownership globally, Lovisa is constantly glancing at potential countries to take the next steps in - including the United Kingdom.
“I want Female Fund to be seen and represented everywhere. I am convinced that women of the UK are equally keen as my Scandinavian sisters to take a stake and be part of the change towards an equal future for themselves and their daughters.”    

Photo: Maritha Estvall

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