The Scotland Chapter is based in Edinburgh and covers all of Scotland. Scotland is a devolved nation within the United Kingdom, has a population of 5.5 million and a GDP of £180bn+. There are some 346,000 private sector enterprises in Scotland, of which 99% are small or medium-sized businesses. The Scottish cities of Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen all feature in the top ten for FDI outside of London. Leading sectors include energy, clean tech and financial services.

Mike Christopherson

Mike Christopherson

Scotland Chapter Chair

Boda Bars


NFT Ventures
Haypp AB
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The Swedish-British relationship is one of friendship and trade and has gone from strength to strength over the last few decades, SCC Chief Executive Peter Sandberg writes in today's City AM
Today, SCC Chief Executive Peter Sandberg spoke to @EFNTV about the UK market - its current state, upcoming opportunities and the place of Swedish businesses. Find the full interview:
Today, @JanOlsson , CEO of the #Nordics, @DeutscheBank and Chairman of the SCC, spoke at @AreBusiness2022 , covering the topic of #global #geopolitics and its effect on the future financial market:
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