New partnership between the British Embassy and the SCC sheds light on UK opportunities for Swedish business

18 November 2021

With Britain’s exit from the European Union, the trading relationship between Sweden and the UK is changing. The British Embassy in Stockholm and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK are joining forces to shed light on the opportunities that the UK market will continue to hold for Swedish businesses – beyond Brexit.

Through key sector insights and statistics, mapping of clusters and ecosystems, as well as case studies with Swedish businesses that have successfully established in the country, we are presenting the UK market and how it could be the next step in your business’s international expansion.

Meet and listen to why Klarna, Vattenfall, Sharkmob, Minesto, Volta Trucks, T-kartor, Trustly, Avalanche Studios, Volvo Trucks, Doctrin and Doccla entered the UK.

Did you know:

  • Sweden is the UK's 9th largest investor, between Japan (8th) and China (10th)
  • Investors can access a market of over 67 million people in the UK
  • The UK government's build back stronger announcements include a £100bn infrastructure commitment, in addition to the £7bn earmarked for research and innovation projects

For all case studies and insights on key sectors, clusters and ecosystems, visit

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