Dr. Anders Wall is presented Extraordinary Member Award 2018

7 December 2018

Lina Sennevall

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK (SCC) is pleased to announce that Dr. Anders Wall will be the first recipient of the SCC’s Extraordinary Member Award today for his “Dedicated, outstanding and long-term support of the Chamber’s mission to promote Anglo-Swedish business relations”.

Dr. Wall is a long-standing Member of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK and is an Honorary Vice President of its Council. Over decades he has supported the Chamber’s efforts in Anglo-Swedish trade, and has been a generous donor of a scholarship for students to intern for a year’s work at the Chamber’s secretariat, providing young scholars with unique experience, but also providing the Chamber with continuous access to talent.

The award will be presented to Dr. Wall today at the SCC’s Annual Swedish Christmas Luncheon – the largest Swedish Christmas lunch outside of Sweden - at The Landmark Hotel in London by the SCC’s Chairman Jan Olsson, CEO Nordics at Deutsche Bank.

Peter Sandberg, Managing Director of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK said: “Dr. Wall has supported the Chamber with a scholarship, as the first ever donor, since the early 1980s, providing stability, security and entrepreneurial spirit at the Chamber. His and his foundation’s contribution has been instrumental to the success of the Chamber and has also served as an example and inspiration for others to follow.”

The jury consisted of the Chamber’s Executive Committee; Jan Olsson, Deutsche Bank and Chairman of the SCC, Magnus Lewis-Olsson, Saab Technologies, Lars Olsson, Stena Line, Dr. Björn Savén, IK Investment Partners, Alex Haddon, IC Design and Peter Sandberg, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK. 

The Extraordinary Member Award will be presented annually to formally acknowledge and recognise individual support and contribution to the Chamber’s mission and work by Members of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK.

About the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK:

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the United Kingdom was founded in 1906 and is a not for profit membership organisation aimed at promoting the exchange of ideas and experiences, networking and trade between Sweden and the United Kingdom. Today, the Chamber is one of the largest foreign Chambers in the UK, with over 400 Member companies across 50 industries. It is also one of the most active Chambers, hosting some 50+ events per year.

About Dr. Anders Wall:

Dr. Anders Wall became Sweden’s youngest CEO at the Stockholm Stock Exchange at age 30 and resigned as its oldest Chairman at age 85, heading the board of Beijer Alma. As Chairman of companies like Beijerinvest and Volvo he has contributed considerably in modernising Swedish industrial life. Dr. Wall is one of Sweden’s principal patrons of the arts and a committed supporter of young entrepreneurship. Dr. Wall is Chairman of Beijerstiftelsen, Dr. Medicine h.c., Dr. Econ h.c., Dr. Agr h.c. and Honorary Fellow at Uppsala University.

For more information and comments, please contact Peter Sandberg, Managing Director of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK on +44 20 7224 8001 or by email to sandberg@scc.org.uk

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