Changes in the SCC Board

8 November 2023

Following the SCC’s Board meeting on 7 November 2023, we can today announce a number of board resolutions.

As Viveka Hirdman Ryrberg, Investor AB, is stepping down as Vice Chair and Board Member, the Board has elected Hélène Barnekow, Ascension, as new Vice Chair to represent the Chamber in Sweden. Hélène has been an active and engaged SCC Board Member since 2020 and will assume the position as Vice Chair with immediate effect. She will be formally appointed at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in June 2024.

With a seat opening after Viveka’s departure, the Board elected Magnus Dalhammar of Investor AB, as new Board Member. Magnus has worked with Investor AB the past 15 years as Head of Investor Relations. He joins the SCC Board with immediate effect and will be formally appointed at next year’s AGM. 

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