Scania in the UK As one of the country’s leading suppliers of heavy trucks, buses and coaches. Scania today is very much part of the fabric of the UK’s transport scene. The same is true of its industrial and marine engines, which can be found throughout the British Isles powering equipment as diverse as generator sets and high-speed patrol launches.

Scania first entered the UK market almost half a century ago and its products soon came to be highly regarded for their performance, reliability and durability. Today, with that reputation firmly cemented, Scania continues to extend its presence in the marketplace with range of initiatives aimed at promoting the values of safety, good citizenship and environmental-responsibility associated with the brand.

Embraced under the banner headline, You and Me, the programme comprises a number of individual components. Included here, for example, is Scania’s Young European Truck Driver competition, which is focused on uplifting the driving standards and road safety of drivers aged 35-years-old or less, the group most at risk on the road. At the same time, the event seeks to promote to the wider public the importance of truck driver, both as a professional whose work is essential to our way of life and as a skilled specialist committed to the highest standards of road safety and operational efficiency. Similarly, Ecolution by Scania has been created to enable operators get the very best out of their vehicles in terms of fuel economy while minimising environmental impact.

In support of this activity, Scania has developed its own in-house driver-development system known as the Scania Driver Experience. The project is further backed by Scania’s own range of fleet management technology-based solutions, which analyse driver and vehicle performance in order to unlock potential efficiency gains.

As an organisation dedicated to enabling its customers derive the maximum benefit from their investment, this holistic approach to its products and their operation is very much key to Scania’s philosophy today.

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