Since 1997, Goodwille has helped more than 1,800 companies successfully expand their businesses in the UK, through their support services. Today, Goodwille have a client base of more than 450 companies from around the world, with over a third of them from Sweden.

Goodwille offer services spanning from five integrated departments:

Choose the service(s) you need and which are suited to your stage of development – all through one company.

Useful articles by Goodwille:

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Join us on 27 February to Meet the Swedish Press at the Royal Oak in Marylebone. In a relaxed setting, guests will have the opportunity to meet, network with and pose questions to Swedish journalists based in the UK. Sign up for the event on our website:
The SCC would like to welcome Chorus as a new member of the Chamber. Chorus is a digital consultancy within healthcare, that develop digital solutions for e.g. clinics and hospitals. Welcome! Learn more: #SwedishChamber #SCC
In this feature Elisabet Vinberg Hearn at Katapult Partners @Katapulters and Astrid Trolle Adams at LOGOS Legal Services elaborate on the cultural nuances in leadership, negotiation and legislation in Swedish and British business environments. Article:

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