Everyone loves an encore - YP goes OOOAW pt.2
03 March 0:00 - 0:00
Venue: Cuckoo Club, Swallow Street, London W1B 4AB


This event is a partnership between the Young Professionals of the Swedish Chamber and OOOAW

Can´t get enough of Out of Office AW? That´s why we´ll do it again! 

Since OOOAW loves the Young Professionals they would like to offer 50 YP-Members free, fast-track entrance, a complimentary drink and a tailored YP VIP-area!

Sign-up here

An after work with Out of Office is not a draught lager at the pub. No, OOOAW is a 'straight from work party' from 6-10 pm with louder music and less conversations. The first two hours consist of buzzy networking which will take off in a full blown night club with massive entertainment. 

The after work will take place at Cuckoo Club 3rd March with a strict minimum age limit of 23 years old. In order to enter on the day. 
1. Sign up for the Young Professionals VIP-package HERE. NB! Only 50 spots!
2. Download the OOOAW app on Appstore or Google Play.
3. Attend the official OOOAW-London event.

And hey, even if you´re friends are not yet YP Members, invite them anyway since it´s free fast-track entrance if you download the OOOAW app.

Last time, the venue filled up quickly, so make sure to arrive early! OOOAW is free for everyone above the age of 23, but only YP members can get this special VIP treatment with a free cocktail.
Click here to become a YP member.

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