Young Professionals of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce

Who the YP are

The Young Professionals (YP) of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce is one of London’s oldest social and business networking organisations. As a sub-organisation of the SCC, the YP has become a well-known social organisation arranging 25 to 30 events per year for its 250 members up to the age of 35. 

The Young Professionals strives to be an exciting meeting point for the next generation of business enthusiasts.

The perks of being a YP Member

As a YP Member you get access to The YP EventsThe YP Services, a free subscription to The LINK Magazine and the possibility to apply to The SCC Mentorship Programme

The Events include but are not limited to:

  • Company Visits
  • Brexit-related events
  • The annual Management Forum, normally held in the autumn
  • The annual Entrepreneurship Forum, normally held in the spring
  • Cocktail Clubs
  • Crayfish Party
  • Christmas Dinner Party

The opportunity to apply for SCC's Mentorship Programme that connects our YP members to experienced senior professionals from the SCC network. A few selected members are provided with a hand-picked Mentor and get professional guidance for one year.

Access to our Guest List Service which gives you the possibility to have your and your friends' names put on guest lists to a range of London’s most popular nightclubs, including Scotch, Maggie's, Tonteria and The Roof Gardens to name a few. 

Access to our Career Opportunities site, which lists job vacancies from companies within and outside the Chamber network. YP Members are notified when new job vacancies are posted, and the job ads span from events management to banking. 

Access to the Concierge Service, which consist of discounted offers on selected services and products from SCC's Member companies, ranging from hotel & spas, to travel and home decoration. 

A subscription to The LINK magazinewhich is the Chamber's network magazine which goes out to all YP and SCC members. With over 80.000 readers per year, The LINK gives you what's new in the Anglo-Swedish business community.

Enhancement to your CV
Being a member of the YP and the Swedish Chamber means you are part of the biggest Swedish business community outside of Sweden and one of the largest and most active Chambers in the UK - a great opportunity to extend your network and develop professionally.

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The Young Professionals is run by the Lund University-, Stena Line- and Swedish Youth Abroad Scholars at the SCC. The Scholars manage and oversee the day-to-day work of the YP. They are supported by the YP Committee, which is comprised of selected members who actively seek to support and develop the organisation.


Contact Young Professionals

Contact Young Professionals


Name: William Ranby
Company: Accenture
YP Committee Role: Chairman

Name: Anna Tranchell
Company: WMP Creative
YP Committee Role: Member

Name: Louisa Adde
Company: KPMG
YP Committee Role: Member


Sara Apéria
Marketing & Communications - Handelsbanken UK Scholar

Henrik Barkman
Membership & Community - Gull and Stellan Ljungbergs Foundation Scholar

Anna Dahlqvist Thuresson
Events & Programmes - Swedish Youth Abroad Scholar

Madeleine Hjalber
Business Services - Sten A Olssons Foundation Scholar