Business support

Using our local presence, we can help your company succeed in the UK market. We can assist with market research, contacts or any inquiries regarding your establishment. Together with our regional chapters in Manchester, Birmingham, Immingham and Newcastle, our central London office is here to assist. 

We can help you:

  • Get insights - If you are looking to expand to the UK, we can help you identify opportunities, map the market and help create a baseline for entering the UK market.
  • Get started - We can provide you with the knowledge needed for your first steps in the UK and identify the essential business service providers when entering the market.
  • Get connected - We help you make useful connections and find the right business partners for your venture.

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We are happy to announce that Donnelley Financial Solutions (DFIN), a leading global risk and compliance solutions company, has joined the SCC patronship to support the Swedish-British business community. Learn more: #DFIN #patron #patronship #SCC #UK
The SCC would like to welcome Econans as a new member of the Chamber. Econans provides application software and offers a platform to manage private finance, such as expenditure, loan, saving, income and other related services. Welcome!
Join us at the Nordic M&A Forum on 6 February at @LinklatersLLP, where we will be discussing the future and scale of opportunity in the Nordics ─ and keeping up with the US, among other topics. Visit our website to register and to learn more: #SCC #UK

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