Preparing for London Tech Week

17 April 2019

During 10-14 June, as London Tech Week takes over with events across the city, London turns into a buzzing festival of networking and celebration of the best in tech. The Chamber joins in on the celebrations by bringing together start-ups, SMEs and investors to Tech Forum and Tech Fest, at Google HQ, and by presenting London Bootcamp, a new one-week accelerator programme for start-ups.

Start-ups, SMEs and investors meet at Tech Forum

How do start-ups go from being challengers to game-changing unicorns, and what role do investors play in that journey? On 13 June, the Chamber brings together start-ups, unicorns and investors at Tech Forum, to discuss the applications of technologies such as blockchain, AI, AR and VR - and what makes them successful. “It is our way to shed some light on the Swedish tech scene during London Tech Week,” says Peter Sandberg, Managing Director of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the United Kingdom.

London is well-known for being one of the leading tech hubs in the world. In fact, according to a recent study by intelligence platform Quid, London is, together with Silicon Valley, topping the charts for start-up growth, global investment and research into the development of cutting-edge technologies. “Many Swedish businesses come to London to expand and raise capital. We created Tech Forum as a platform for tech businesses, start-ups and investors to meet and create new bonds,” says Peter.

Scaling future technologies
The participants will explore different aspects of ‘scaling future technologies’, which is also the title of this year’s edition of Tech Forum.  What are the main barriers for start-ups to adopt existing tech and unleash its potential in new applications? What made the unicorns the forerunners within their industries and how do they stay relevant after that big break? How do the investors foresee the potential of future innovations and how do they decide what to invest in?

Exchanging thoughts and ideas
"Our forums, such as the Life Science Forum and the Industrial Forum, always aim to create a platform for exchange of thoughts and ideas between Sweden and the UK, in different areas and sectors. Tech Forum is no exception. We want to give the participants an idea of what is in the pipeline for the next generation of tech, how established businesses and start-ups adopt existing technologies to create new products and solutions, and how that creates advantages on their markets”, says Peter and continues: “Sweden has, alongside with the UK, Germany and the Netherlands, the largest number of unicorns in Europe. There is no doubt that the attractiveness of the Swedish tech industry is as strong as ever.”  

Find out more about Tech Forum here.

Tech Fest on Google’s rooftop

As one of the highlights of London Tech Week, Tech Forum is succeeded by Tech Fest, hosted by Google on their rooftop. The event promises networking opportunities with tech companies, investors and features a pitching session with the participants of London Bootcamp.  

Find out more about Tech Fest here.

Swedish start-ups get a boost at London Bootcamp

London Bootcamp is a one-week accelerator programme for selected Swedish start-ups and is the outcome of a new collaboration between the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the United Kingdom and the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket). “We want to create a launch pad for taking that big leap every start-up is dreaming of,” says Arash Sangari, Programme Manager at Tillväxtverket.   

From day one, the selected start-ups will be drilled in everything they need to know about scaling up their businesses. During the week, they will meet with leading experts, take part in group sessions, network and have individual meetings with hand-picked investors, all leading up to their pitch at Tech Forum on 13 June.

Coaching from experienced professionals
The programme features experienced professionals who themselves have successfully made the journey from start-up to unicorn, and who will be coaching the participants for growth, investor-readiness as well as setting up and standing out in the UK.

Tailored investor meetings
As part of the programme the start-ups will get tailored individual meetings with investors, chosen from a roster of international UK-based investors. “Our aim is to give the entrepreneurs knowledge of the British market, an understanding of establishing in the country, and the opportunity to meet with high-level experts and investors. The ambition is that the participating start-ups return home with new business opportunities,” says Arash.  

Find out more about London Bootcamp here.


The SCC London Tech Week events are sponsored by Danske Bank, Goodwille and Trustly. 

In collaboration with Google, Business Sweden, BVCA, SVCA and Tillväxtverket. 


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