November issue of The Link out now

19 November 2021

Out now – the November issue of the Link Magazine. In this issue we meet Katherine Ainley, CEO of Ericsson UK & Ireland, who gives us a hint of what to expect from the 5G roll-out in the UK. “The things you can do with it, both as a business as well as a consumer, are just revolutionary.”

Also - did you know that Sweden is the UK’s 9th largest investor? In this issue we continue examining the Swedish footprint in the UK by presenting 9 examples of Swedish investments in the UK. Eleonore Säll, Executive Vice President of Global Brand at GANT, tells us about the importance of brand identity, and Henrik Clausen, Director of Fagerhult Lighting Academy, teaches us how lighting can impact our well-being and productivity.

Also in this issue:

Helene Barnekow, CEO at Microsoft Sweden, and Nik Gowing, Founder and Director at Thinking the Unthinkable, on how 21st century leaders can keep up with the speed of change.

Peter Burman, President at EF Digital Learning, on creating experimental learning online – with EF celebrating 25 years of online language education.

Malena Kirs, Marketing Manager at Voyado, shares insights on changing shopping behaviours in a fresh report.

Jan Olsson, CEO at Deutsche Bank Nordics, on the importance of taking risks and giving his best advice to young professionals in the beginning of their careers.

This, and much more in the November issue of the Link.

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