High-profile stakeholders gather at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce’s sustainability event in London

27 May 2022

Press release

Today, on 27 May 2022, The Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK hosts its sustainability summit ‘Impact’, at The Londoner Hotel in London. Attended by Their Majesties the King and Queen of Sweden, a large number of Swedish corporate CEOs, British stakeholders and up-and-coming sustaintech businesses, it is a meeting place designed to create exciting discussions around our joint quest for a green recovery and to strengthen Swedish-British collaboration.

The British Prime Minister’s visit to Stockholm on 11 May, during which he pledged a mutual security pact with his Swedish counterpart, was a welcome reassurance of friendship in uncertain times. This is only one recent example of a long history of collaboration between Sweden and the United Kingdom.

“The Swedish-British relationship has gone from strength to strength over the last few decades, which is also reflected in the business community. For us, climate change is one of many game changers presenting many opportunities for collaboration across borders. This is why we created Impact – a meeting space for senior business leaders, policymakers, academics and influencers to exchange ideas and bring discussions that may not have taken place outside this forum,” says Peter Sandberg, Chief Executive at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK.

Attended by 350 guests, Impact features more than 30 speakers representing a cross-section of the Swedish-British business community, along with Swedish Minister for Education, Anna Ekström and British academics and influencers.  

“Swedish businesses have been talking about sustainability in the boardrooms for decades, and at Impact, we have plenty of examples of businesses bringing sustainable solutions to the United Kingdom,” Peter Sandberg says and continues:

“For example, the Swedish construction and development giant Skanska building roads, bridges, and tunnels all over the UK, has pledged to achieve carbon neutrality with net-zero emissions by 2045, and earlier this year joined the SteelZero initiative, requiring it to achieve 100% net zero steel by 2050.“

“SSAB, LKAB and Vattenfall are revolutionising the steel industry and delivered the world's first shipment of steel produced without the use of fossil fuels in 2021. Micromobility startup Voi, has replaced 3.9 million car trips with e-scooter rides since introduced in the UK in 2020, and Swedish mobile gaming company, King, has not only switched its two data centres in Stockholm to green energy, including solar and wind, it is experimenting with innovative ideas to change behaviours across its business.”

At Impact, the Swedish Chamber has the pleasure of hosting Their Majesties the King and Queen of Sweden, as its honorary guests. “His Majesty is a known advocate of issues related to sustainability and the environment. We are very pleased that Their Majesties have chosen the Swedish Chamber’s Impact conference to hone in on the discussions,” says Peter Sandberg.

About the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the United Kingdom is the ultimate platform for entrepreneurs and businesses within the Swedish-British business community. Founded in 1906 – by business and for business – we have represented, inspired and promoted our members, extended commercial relations between our countries, and delivered first-class services and events for over a century.

Today, the Chamber represents some 400 corporates in the Swedish-British business community, making it one of the largest foreign Chambers in the UK, and one of the most active with 100+ activities per year. Its membership spans from large multinationals like Ikea, H&M, Ericsson and AstraZeneca to exciting tech unicorns such as Spotify, Klarna and games developer King.

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Photos from Impact will be available for download and use from the Chamber’s Flickr account. Photo credits: SCC + name of photographer as stated in photo file.


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