Young Student Mentorship Programme

A mentorship programme for last-year students at the Swedish School in London.

The Young Student Mentorship Programme offers an exclusive opportunity for last-year students at the Swedish School in London to benefit from an extensive twelve-month programme of group workshops and individual mentoring by experienced young professionals within the Swedish-British business community. The mentorship programme offers a possibility for senior students to receive support while taking their first steps post-graduation.

The Young Student Mentorship Programme, hosted by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK, is now closed for applications.

Contents of the Programme

The programme includes a series of four joint group workshops and seminars, facilitated by the course director involving both mentors and mentees. In addition, mentors and mentees meet for one-to-one mentoring sessions over the course of the year, whether it’s face to face or virtual. This is a mentorship programme dedicated to last-year students at the Swedish School in London. The programme will offer one-on-one mentorship from London-based professionals, and group mentorship on career development. It is a great opportunity for young Swedish Students in the United Kingdom to receive support when planning their upcoming years post-graduation and when developing their future career goals.

The Programme will help you to

  • Accelerate your personal and professional development
  • Gain unique insight into the London business community and business culture
  • Advance towards your future career goals and aspirations
  • Identify new areas of professional interest and/or career paths
  • Develop new business skills, knowledge and tools
  • Develop your personal brand
  • Grow your professional network

Mentors 2021

Louisa Adde.

Louisa Adde.

Assistant Manager, KPMG

Louisa is a member of the Young Professionals of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce Committee. She did her undergraduate degree in Archaeology and Anthropology at Bristol University and her Masters in Anatomy and Advanced Forensic Anthropology at Dundee University. She decided to move into finance and spent 18 months working at Goodwille Ltd before moving to KPMG. Louisa is currently working in Audit at KPMG whilst studying for her ACA qualification. 

Louisa is half Swedish and half British and grew up in the U.K.

Anna Dahlqvist Thuresson

Anna Dahlqvist Thuresson

Client Services Associate, AlphaSights

A former scholar at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and a Swedish School of London and Lund University alumni. Anna is currently working as a Client Service Associate at AlphaSights in London, a global knowledge firm who connects global investment and business professionals with on-demand access to business expertise across all industries and geographies. Prior to joining the Chamber in 2019, Anna was studying at Lund University where she pursued a Bachelor’s in Business and Administration. In addition, she spent 4 months in New York as an event management intern at The Hunger Project.

Linnea Lindgren

Linnea Lindgren

Marketing Specialist, Quinyx

Linnea is a former scholar at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK and a Lund University alumni. She is currently working in London as a Marketing Specialist for Quinyx, a Swedish SaaS workforce management solution. Before moving to London, she was studying at Lund University where she pursued both a Bachelor's degree within Business Administration and a Master's degree in International Marketing and Brand Management. Alongside her studies, Linnea also worked as Head of Communications for Lunicore, Lund University's student consulting firm. She has also spent some time abroad in countries such as Malta and France as well as pursued studies at HEC Montreal, Canada.   

Isabelle Lloyd-Pugh.

Isabelle Lloyd-Pugh.

Governance Associate, Goodwille

Isabelle is a former intern at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and is a Swedish School of London alumni. She did her undergraduate degree in Political Science at Lund University, with an exchange year at Sciences Po in Paris. She holds a master's degree in International Relations from University of Cambridge. Isabelle is currently working as a Governance Associate at Goodwille Ltd where she assists clients with company secretarial and legal requirements. In addition to the UK and Sweden, she has lived and worked in France, Norway and the Netherlands. Isabelle is half Swedish and half British. She grew up in Sweden, apart from a year in London. 

William Ranby.

William Ranby.

Management Consulting Manager, Accenture

William is the chairman of the young professionals at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. During the day he works as a Management Consultant at Accenture, the world largest consulting company, in the city of London. He primarily helps his clients solve supply chain related problem statements such as how to optimize logistics operations or improve the efficiency in how to buy products and services. Prior to Accenture William studied Business Administration at the University of Bath. William is a native swede but has lived and worked in Australia, Asia, Europe and North America.

Anna Tranchell.

Anna Tranchell.

Foundation Relationships & Events Manager, Harlequins Rugby

Anna is the vice chairman of the Young Professionals at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. She is a former national level golfer with an undergraduate degree in Sports Business Management. She has worked and delivered events across Europe and the Middle East, events including European Tour, ATP World Tour Finals, Champagne cycling tours and half marathons. Anna is currently working for The Harlequins Foundation as a Relationship and Events Manager, have an in depth understanding of the English rugby world and delivering and looking after events involving players, partners and sponsors and club fans. As the charitable arm of Harlequins Rugby Club, her focus is on inspirational, sustainable and transformative solutions that tackle inequality, poor health and the challenges facing the most vulnerable in society, all through the power of sports and events. 

Anna grew up in Sweden and have lived in London for the past 9 years. She has also lived in USA and Qatar.  

Programme Director

Matthew Blakemore.

Matthew Blakemore.

Head of Product, British Board of Film Classification

Matthew is Head of Product at British Board of Film Classification (BBFC), an independent, not-for-profit organisation, here to help everyone in the UK choose age-appropriate films, videos and websites. In his role he forms the product strategy and manages the delivery of innovative solutions using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to support and enhance the BBFC's classification work. Matthew is also a member of the Artificial Intelligence committee in both the British Standards Institute and International Standards Organisation. Prior to the BBFC, he has managed product development at several companies and run his own tech startup. He studied International Business at the University of Hertfordshire.


The Young Student Mentorship Programme is now closed for applications. The programme will run from February 2021 – January 2022. Please send your application to Mathilda Börjesson with the following included:

• Full name and title
• Email and Phone number
• CV and relevant references

as well as short answers to the following questions:

• Explain in what ways a UK-focused programme and a mentor in the UK would support you in your professional development
• What would you hope to get out of The Young Student Mentorship Programme?
• What would you hope to gain out of a close relationship with a mentor?


Get in touch

Are you interested in finding out more about The Young Student Mentorship Programme? Please get in contact with Events & Programmes Manager Mathilda Börjesson.

Mathilda Börjesson

Head of Events & Programmes


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