Southern Sweden Tech Stars

Southern Sweden Tech Stars is an accelerator programme specially designed for Swedish tech scaleups based in southern Sweden, looking to build a presence and create connections in London and the UK. In a collaboration between Invest in Skåne and the SCC, the six-month programme offers workshops, individual coaching, and matchmaking to selected businesses that are ready to establish and grow on the UK market.

Contents of the programme

The participating businesses get the opportunity to learn from, connect with and meet leading tech experts, successful entrepreneurs and seasoned investors from the tech and financial capital of Europe.

The six-month virtual programme offers a range of dedicated seminars and workshops, on topics ranging from practically setting up in the UK, recognising market opportunities, trends and challenges, how to find customers and distributors, to lessons learnt from entrepreneurs already established the UK, and what investors are looking for. Participants will be offered individual pitch workshops, pitch deck review and editing as well as tailored B2B matchmaking.

The aim of the programme is to give the participants business connections, the toolkit and knowledge needed for a successful expansion to the UK.

The programme will help you to

  • Gain unique insight from established local experts from across a range of fields and accelerate expertise
  • Learn lessons from seasoned entrepreneurs and businesses who have already made it in the UK
  • Share experiences and challenges with other like-minded entrepreneurs and businesses currently on the same journey
  • Understand the opportunities available in the UK market, the fifth largest economy in the world
  • Connect with the wide investor community in London and meet with prospective clients and partners

Participating Companies 2021/2022

Position Green

Position Green

Cian Ryan, Partner manager UK and Netherlands & Anders Frankel, Head of Partnerships

With a background from the auditing industry, Position Green specialises in helping companies gather, analyse, and report their sustainability data in a reliable and traceable way. Their solutions are created to enable work with internal sustainability data, to evaluate sustainability of suppliers and for investors to evaluate sustainability for their holdings. Based on their network of users, their feedback and internal experts, Position Green has built products that not only enable efficient and reliable work with sustainability data, but also support the user with built-in best practices and standards. Position Green’s solutions are designed for users to work independently with access to their sustainability advisors if needed. 

SiB Solutions

SiB Solutions

Stefan Borg, CEO

SiB Solutions is a logtech company enabling flawless logistics. For companies transacting valuable goods, SiB Solutions’ intelligent video services with AI provide superior visibility and insights. The unique combination of native logistics know-how and advanced technology, bundled into straightforward subscription services, provides an immediate ROI. Customers cut costs, improve margins, and strengthen their brand. It is good for business and for the environment. To continuously innovate our services we proudly collaborate with well-known technology partners and reputable logistics players: our customers. 



Veton Tairi, Business Developer

T-Meeting makes communication on equal terms possible – for everyone. T-Meeting is a company which listens to its users, and builds the products that they ask for. T-Meeting are communications specialists with 2 decades of experience working towards supportive and assistive communication solutions, tailored for the deaf, deaf-blind, hearing- and speech impaired. Their products are infinitely scalable, and their user software is created with flexibility in mind to ensure that all their users can receive a product which suits their specific needs.



Daniel Johansson Hernius, CEO

Zelectify is a unique tool that simplifies the selection of apartments, residential buildings, and storage spaces for the end-customer. With innovative 3D technology, Zelectify helps you bring your projects to life in a simple 5-step process. Their tool makes it possible for anyone to build a digital overview that gives the end-customer the best possible decision basis. The product fundamentally changes the sales process for any rental apartments, newly produced residential buildings, or storage spaces, by making it intuitive and easy for the end-customer to make the right decision. If, at any point of the sales process, your customer has to choose between different physical spaces, Zelectify is the solution for you.

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Are you interested in finding out more about the Southern Sweden Tech Stars programme? Please get in contact with Business Services Manager Anna Crona.

Anna Crona

Head of Business Services


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