Leading Teams Online

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Swedish learning provider Hyper Island have launched a unique new partnership, supporting business leaders and managers in the digital age, and helping the adaption to a new remote working reality. The result is a three-week online course that will help you and your team work better together remotely, be more effective and reach your goals. Get the modern toolbelt for culture, collaboration and leadership in times of change and complexity - all while doing your job.

Duration: 3 weeks
Time commitment: 6 hours/week

Contents of the course

Conditions and circumstances are changing in your business and it is no longer possible to run projects in the “old” way. Even before the pandemic disrupted everything, your meetings, workshops, sprints, stand-ups, and retrospectives are now increasingly taking place with some co-workers physically there and some online. And in some instances everyone is remote (especially at the moment!). You want to get things done and it needs to happen online. It requires you to learn and master a range of different skills and rethink how you design and facilitate. 

The course will help you to:

  • learn and apply the essential tools, techniques and leadership skills for online collaboration, enabling you and the team to deliver business impact and value regardless of geographical location
  • learn the foundation/basics for how to lead teams through problem-solving and complex decision making
  • learn how to lead collaborative and creative workshops, whether it is generating new ideas, co-creating solutions to a problem or making inclusive decisions

How will you learn?

Learning kit 

Every Friday the following week’s module is introduced. You will receive a Learning kit consisting of content and insights to maximize your knowledge. The course content is available for you to go through at any time you choose during the week.

Join live sessions

The one-hour online session is scheduled on Tuesdays and held by experts and course facilitators. They will dig deeper into the weekly module content and discuss questions and challenges connected to your real world case and context. You can join it live or watch the recording in your own time. 

Weekly challenges 

Every week, there will be hands-on tasks and challenges to solve connected to your own case/reality. The deadline for sharing your results from your challenges and reflection on the process will be on Sundays.


Peer learning and feedback 

We find that much of the learning comes through interactions and discussion from your peers on the course. As part of your journey, we expect you to read other participant ́s work  and share your feedback to create an interactive participatory experience. In return, you will get feedback from course facilitators and peers.

Time commitment 

This course is designed to be flexible to your schedule. The time commitment is individual, however, you are expected to spend approximately 6 hours per week on your learning. 

Programme Directors

Nick Wright

Nick Wright

Managing Director of Hyper Island UK

Nick is the Managing Director of Hyper Island UK. Nick brings first-hand executive level management experience of leadership and organisational change, from public sector and commercial SMEs to large, complex group organisations. 

Gabriela Triffiletti

Gabriela Triffiletti

Learning Designer and Programme Leader for the Hyper Island Masters in Digital Management

Gabriela is a learning designer and Programme Leader for the Hyper Island Masters in Digital Management. She fundamentally believes in a collaborative creative process empowers teams to challenge ideas and ultimately impact society and our world.


Applications for the Leading Teams Online course open shortly.

Participation fees

SCC member: £495+VAT
Young Professional member: £245+VAT
Non-member: £995+VAT

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