Dîner Spectacle with Veterans of Orphei Drängar

13 Sep 2017, Lina Sennevall

Dîner Spectacle with Veterans of Orphei Drängar

The SCC has been given a limited number of tickets to a Dîner Spectacle with VOD (Veterans of Orphei Drängar) sell to its Members.

VOD is a male choir of around 34 singers and the concert will take place at the Swedish Church, London, Friday, 13 October, 2017.

The concert will be followed by a buffet-dinner in the church café. The eating and drinking will be constantly interrupted by famous snaps- and wine-songs, well known singalong songs supported by excellent accordion and piano accompaniment, and solo performances by talented members of the choir.

The price for VOD’s Dîner Spectacle, including buffet dinner with wine, dessert and coffee is £90. Snaps and avec can be separately bought during dinner.

Are you interested in buying a ticket, please email info@scc.org.uk