SCC launches new training courses

Get a head start in understanding, making sense of and tackling Swedish and British corporate cultures

03 Dec 2018, SCC

SCC launches new training courses

Regardless of profession or role, understanding the business culture of one’s workplace is a key driver for the success - or failure - of any employee. Cultural nuances in management, decisions and business functions can be difficult to grasp, especially if you are relocating to a different country.

The aim of the upcoming Business Culture Foundation Course is to give participants insight into both Swedish and British business cultures and provide the necessary tools to excel in each country’s workplace environment or corporate structures. The foundation consists of two separate courses: ‘Making sense of Sweden’, and ‘Making sense of Britain’ focused on two different target audiences.

"The cultural differences between Sweden and the United Kingdom are not huge, which is why the two nations trade very well together”, says Tania Tandon, Course Director and Founder of UK law firm TandonHildebrand. “Language is usually not a problem - it is more the cultural usage of the language that can cause issues.”

The courses are divided into modules with interactive elements, featuring experienced speakers from the Membership: 

THE CULTURAL - Benjamin Webb, Deliberate PR, Tania Tandon, TandonHildebrand, Elisabet Vinberg Hearn, Katapult Partners
How do the Swedes and the English view each other? Benjamin Webb, Tania Tandon and Elisabet Vinberg Hern give examples of typical perceptions of the respective cultures, business history, language and translation.

LEADERSHIP - Elisabet Vinberg Hearn, Katapult Partners
How to manage as a Swede in a UK team and vice versa. Elisabet Vinberg Hearn, CEO of Katapult Partners, leads this interactive workshop including topics like management approaches and leadership styles, decision making, workplace behaviours and how to create a winning team of individuals.

SALES AND THE CUSTOMER - Robert Gladh, Katapult Partners
An interactive workshop on negotiation skills, including influencing differences, effective negotiation across cultures, marketplace and opportunity, networking, as well as key stakeholder differences.

LEGAL - Tania Tandon, Richard Hildebrand, TandonHildebrand, Helena Whitmore, SEB
An introduction to Swedish and British employment law to better understand the framework of what employers can expect from employees, what employers can ask employees to do, and employees' rights at work. The session also covers contracts and basic commercial law: being aware of and understanding the risks in entering into contracts. 

COMMUNICATIONS - Benjamin Webb, Deliberate PR, Sofia Bressler, Fika Communications
Benjamin Webb, Managing Director of Deliberate PR, and Sofia Bressler, Digital Storyteller and Founder of Fika Communications, discuss Internal and external communications differences and personal branding.

THE PRACTICAL - Ranj Begley, Managing Director Readly UK, Mikael Angesjö, UK Agent Casall Sportswear, Åsa Hillsten, Head of Investor Relations and Corporate Communications at Catena Media, Robert Speed, Kreab, Maria Slytå, Vistra
The tools I wish I had had earlier to excel in the Swedish/British workplace environment.


7 March, 2019 - Making sense of Britain

8 March, 2019 - Making sense of Sweden