On the Referendum result

A Statement from the Secretariat

24 Jun 2016, Ulla Nilsson

On the Referendum result

Dear Members,

On Friday 24 June we woke up to a UK that has voted to leave the European Union. We were hoping until the last minute that the result would be different but the British people have cast their vote and this is what they have chosen.

How this will change conditions for Swedish businesses and professionals in the UK is still to be seen. The process will most likely be lengthy rather than dramatic.

For us, as a Chamber, it now remains to continue doing what we are here to do, namely to promote Anglo-Swedish business relations to the best of our ability. We will do so with the same fervour, expertise and enthusiasm as we have for the last 110 years. 

Ulla Nilsson, Director of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK,
on behalf of the whole Secretariat