Redefining Luxury - Barreca Tibblin

01 Jul 2019, Jonas Eklund

Redefining Luxury - Barreca Tibblin

There is more to interior design than meets the eye. Cultural trends, technology and environmental challenges are some of the driving forces influencing design choices. We talked to Interior Designers Emilie Barreca and Maria Tibblin, at SCC member company Barreca Tibblin Ltd, about current trends in the world of interior design.

“We were introduced by a mutual friend in the industry and realised quickly that we shared a vision that would become so much greater if we combined our individual skill sets. We officially launched Barreca Tibblin in August 2018, moved to our office in Chelsea and started working with our mutual clients”, Emilie and Maria recall. Their projects start by getting to know their clients. They ask: where is the property located? What type of property is it? How will the property be used? “Once this has formed the basis of our design, we draw on a multitude of cultural influences to help the client create a home that is a true representation of who they are”, they explain.

Sustainability at the forefront

When discussing how trends in society can impact design choices, they both agree that sustainability is at the forefront of influencing contemporary design. “We are all becoming more aware of our carbon footprint and the effect our choices have on the environment. The design industry is now looking at designing with low-environmental impact materials, sourcing sustainable materials with a known supply chain and upholstery made from natural fibres without harmful production methods.”

“We want to move away from the way of thinking that ‘designs can be outdated’ and ‘need to be updated in a few years’ time’. Our aim is to create a timeless design that stands the test of time and doesn’t need to be replaced but rather cherished for generations to come,” they say, adding: “We can also see that there is a redefinition of luxury within interior design. We want to take lead in this movement, creating a style of simplicity with the highest quality without a negative impact on our planet.”

The most sustainable source of light

According to Emilie and Maria, lighting is another area that is evolving and developing. Awareness of sustainable choices leaves a mark on lighting solutions. “The most sustainable lighting is natural daylight which most people have the desire for. The trend is to integrate as much natural daylight as possible in the design, by careful architectural design, while maintaining indoor temperature regulation. We also know from a health perspective how important light is for our wellbeing.”

Hidden technology

Technology is another area which is constantly innovating itself with more advanced versions available on a yearly basis. “The positive development in technology from our point of view is the adaptability and the possibility to integrate and even hide technology within our designs. Clever solutions for technology are available to allow us to design spaces without having to compromise the design.”

Enlightened customers

Emilie and Maria see that customers are becoming more enlightened and aware of sustainable choices, especially within the younger generation. “We are currently working on a project with a family where the daughter requested for the materials and design to be sustainably sourced. We were really happy for this request, as this is something we are very passionate about. Our clients have been very positive about our new perspective on luxury living with sustainable consideration.”