New issue of The LINK is out now

08 Feb 2019, Erik Helldén

New issue of The LINK is out now

On the theme 'Preparing for Brexit', the latest issue of our magazine The LINK explores what our Member companies are doing to counter potential setbacks in these challenging times. What adjustments are they making? Will their businesses survive the coming trials? Do some see opportunities?

Also, we interview Nobel Prize-winning economists Finn E. Kydland and Christopher Pissarides on their take on Brexit and the impact of short-sighted policy.

Beyond Brexit, we cover Swedish and British corporate cultures. How do we make sense of and tackle the differences?

And as always, The LINK is filled with highlights and features with existing and new members, covering a spectrum of industries and topics.

Keep an eye out for the issue in your mailbox during the coming days, or read the full issue online at