Member survey 2018

07 May 2019, Jonas Eklund

Member survey 2018

In November last year, we surveyed the Members of the SCC network in order to get insight about what we can do to make sure that everyone gets the most out of their membership. “We are very happy to see that Members value the membership highly and are pleased with the quality of the events we provide,” says Sofia Larsen, Membership Manager at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the United Kingdom.

The response rate was 18% of the membership base, representing around 50% small companies, 20% medium companies and 30% large companies, which in turn roughly corresponds to the company size representation of our whole membership base.

Here are the results:

“The survey provides us with valuable information that we can use to develop the membership offering even further,” says Sofia. “This is a great opportunity for all Members to make their voices heard. For example, based on some of the feedback, we have already increased the focus on matchmaking and introductions through our revamped business services offering."

To get your continuous feedback on the value of the membership, we will repeat this survey annually. The next survey will be conducted this autumn.