Panel: Claes Jacobsson


16 May 2016,

Panel: Claes Jacobsson

The big question on everyone’s lips is soon to be decided - is The UK remaining in or exiting the EU? On 23 June, the UK goes to vote and the outcome is still uncertain. The LINK asked three prominent Members of the SCC about their perspective: 

Claes Jacobsson, Managing Director at Scania (GB) Ltd  


What consequences do you think that a potential Brexit would have for the future of the EU? 
It will damage the EU for a very long time. It will jeopardise the fundament of the EU. It will open the door for others to leave as well. It might be the beginning of the end of the EU as we know it.

What consequences do you think a Brexit would have for the UK in Europe? 
I believe it will make the UK poorer and more isolated. Foreign Investments will go elsewhere. Even though the UK is a big market for the rest of the EU to export to, the UK has very little to export to the EU in practise. Their industry is mainly based on assembly and most parts are imported.

And what consequences do you think a Brexit would have for Sweden? 
We will suffer since one of our biggest trading partners will be outside the EU. We will also lose our biggest allies outside the eurozone. Our voice will be weaker in those discussions. Long term, I think the impact on Swedish industry will be minimal. As an open small economy we will always find ways to trade.

How do you think that Anglo-Swedish business relations may be affected if Britain leaves the EU?
Short term there will be little change. Long term I think the UK will lose some of its special status and become more like any other country outside Europe that we trade with.