Donate to the Grand Raffle and contribute to West London Day Centre

07 Nov 2017, Amelie Karlsson

Donate to the Grand Raffle and contribute to West London Day Centre

It is once again time for the SCC’s most joyous event of the year, the Annual Christmas Luncheon. One of the main events during the luncheon is our Grand Raffle where guests get the chance to win some amazing prizes while supporting a great cause.

We donate all proceeds from the raffle directly to the West London Day Centre charity. Last year we are proud to say that we raised over £4,000 to help this fantastic cause. This is a very appreciated part of the event and also a tremendous opportunity for companies to showcase their products. The previous years we have had prizes ranging from dinners at high-end restaurants, flight tickets, champagne hampers, to the latest tech products.

West London Day Centre is a London-based charity that homeless people visit for support and comfort. The charity provides both short-term relief, such as providing a hot breakfast, a shower, clean clothes and medical support as well as long-term relief such as accommodation and help with finding a job. Last year 1,517 homeless people were supported by the charity.

To donate a gift to the raffle, get in touch with Anna Ericsson on All gifts are welcome. We even welcome cash donations, with which we will purchase a prize, or combine with other cash donations to create larger gifts to be won.

Join us and make a difference to someone's life this Christmas!