Absolut Vodka

Partners with Drinkup.London for Swedish Midsummer Celebrations

15 Jun 2018, Julia Borrebaeck

Absolut Vodka

This year, SCC Member Pernod Ricard UK and their Swedish brand Absolut Vodka will be partnering with media platform and events company DrinkUp.London to create a Midsommar celebration to be remembered!

Between Thursday 21 June and Saturday 30 June, more than 75 bars will be participating and serving £6 Absolut cocktails as part of the Absolut Midsommar festival.

Being one of Sweden’s most famous and celebrated brands, Absolut Vodka has a track record for delivering fun and unique events to keep its customers interested. From raffling music festival tickets to arranging huge Swedish traditional events, Absolut always seem to be able to create a modern and instagrammable atmosphere.
Absolut, Together with DrinkUp.London, will bring the age-old Swedish tradition of Midsommar to London to celebrate the longest day of the year.

DrinkUp.London is most known for creating and hosting London Cocktail Week and arrange 15 week-long festivals every year. For the first time, festival passes to this cherry-picked selection of the city’s greatest bars, will be free of charge. You only need to download a free festival pass from the DrinkUp.London app to be able to take part of the offers. Or sign up through their website here: www.absolut.com/uk/sign-up/

Adam Boita, Head of Marketing for Pernod Ricard UK, said on the topic: “In Sweden, Midsommar is a core tradition but its principles are easily shared here in the UK with warmer weather naturally bringing people together to dance, share food and, of course, enjoy great drinks. Absolut Midsommar is about celebrating the start of summer and the beginning of a more convivial period of the year, so we’re delighted to have DrinkUp.London’s support in our quest to introduce even more people to this fantastic occasion.”

As Boita mentioned, Midsommar is a huge tradition and is celebrated by all Swedes. The celebration is centered around solstice and is in honour of the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere. On this day, the Nordic states’ short, dark days of winter are forgotten and replaced with the warm light-filled days and the fruits and harvests of summer.

Midsommar is always celebrated on a Friday afternoon and people come together to dance around the Maypole, sing quirky songs as well as eat herring and drink spirits.

Absolut Midsommar could be the perfect fit for all you Anglo-Swedish Londoners out there and we can’t wait to put on our flower crowns and sip some Absolut drinks!