5 Top Ways of Surviving the last Days before Holidays


20 Jul 2015, Rebecca Martin

5 Top Ways of Surviving the last Days before Holidays

Still in the office? Pining for some time off? Follow our tips to successfully pretend you are on holiday already...

1. Secretly wear flip flops under the desk. Who’s going to know? There is nothing like that AC chill against your toes to make you think of a sea breeze.

2. Put a pink paper parasol in your drink. Tea, coffee, water from the water cooler – there is no drink that can’t be made better with a little holiday cocktail bling.

3. Slap on some sun cream before you get to the office. The smell will make you think you’re on the beach. Pro-tip, make it a gradual tan sunscreen. This way you will be working on your tan as you type.

4. Go to work via the playground and sprinkle some sand on your lunch sandwiches – crunching down on these babies will bring you back to your childhood beach picnics in no time.

5. Turn the lights up really bright and load your Spotify list with reggae – it’s JAMAICA man!

Still feeling bad? Cheer yourself up by starting to plan for autumn's event season