Chamber Women: Ulla Nilsson

3 Quick Questions with the current MD

08 Mar 2016, Emma Rydell

Chamber Women: Ulla Nilsson


Since its inception in 1906, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce has grown into one of the largest and most active foreign Chambers in the UK. This year, the Chamber is celebrating its 110th anniversary and this will be acknowledged during the year through articles highlighting the Chamber’s history. To commemorate this, we feature some of the amazing women of the Chamber’s past and present. This time, we sat down with current MD Ulla Nilsson. 

What made you take the job as MD of the Chamber?
After having retired from a long career in banking, I found myself with some time on my hands. My former colleague and friend Beatrice Engström Bondy, at that time a SCC Council Member, asked me if I could step in as MD for a couple of months and I did. I found my new job at the SCC very enjoyable and exciting, as this role was something different for me compared to my previous profession, and I have now stayed for almost five years.

What is the best thing with being MD of the SCC?
The best thing at the Chamber is that no day is the other alike. I enjoy how I have the opportunity of meeting people from different sectors of society and industries on a daily basis. Moreover, I especially enjoy working with young people; they have the ideas that I don’t have, and I have the experience they don’t yet have. We are a great team, and we are constantly working towards increasing value for Members rather than focusing on for example financial results, which is something I find very rewarding.

What are your plans/expectations for the SCC during this 110th anniversary year?
The fact that we are celebrating the 110th Anniversary of the SCC this year will definitely not go by unnoticed. We will have our big celebration in September at the new building at Tate Modern, addressing the theme Brand Sweden. We look forward to a fun and easy-going event with guest speakers, awards and entertainment!