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Tech Forum is a platform for Swedish-British tech and investors to meet, learn and to discuss. Celebrating the best of the latest in technology from across the North Sea, whether it's artificial intelligence, blockchain or virtual reality (and beyond) - the forum features leading experts at global success stories, exciting entrepreneurs and challengers alongside passionate purse-string partners. It is a unique chance for Swedish tech to connect with the world's leading financial centre, and to bring together two of the great tech capitals of the world, London and Stockholm. When in partnership, sparkles happen. 

This was Tech Forum 2019

On 13 June 2019, 200+ guests and 40+ investors gathered at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce’s Tech Forum and Tech Fest at Google’s HQ in London, with the aim to explore the future of the tech landscape. Leading experts from both Swedish and UK businesses shared their views on new and existing technologies, and how to optimise potential alongside the accelerating pace of technological development.

The SCC also organised its pilot London Bootcamp (LINK) with the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, culminating at the Tech Forum and Tech Fest at Google HQ. Bringing together the top minds from Swedish and UK tech, the activities focused on exploring the applications of future technologies and what makes them successful. The forum, with speakers from across the realms of investment, start-ups, SMEs and large corporations gave their perspectives on new and existing technologies and how to unleash their potential in new applications.

Keynote speakers Paul Murphy, Partner at Northzone, and Andrea Spaccapietra, CIO at Ericsson UK & Ireland, shared insights from their respective fields: the European tech and investment landscape and the potential of 5G. The day ended with Tech Fest on Google’s rooftop.

See pictures from London Bootcamp and from Tech Forum.





Andrea Spaccapietra, CIO at Ericsson UK & Ireland
Andrea highlighted the countless opportunities with 5G, including how it can act as a platform and accelerate innovation for future tech applications.

Paul Murphy, Partner, Northzone
As a partner at one of Europe’s most influential and successful Venture Capital firms, Paul shared his views on the European tech and investment landscape. 

Fintech fireside chat

Josef Darmark, CPO, Trustly
Luke Griffiths, VP & GM, Klarna

Panel discussion - Applying & scaling tech 

Oliver N Oram, CEO & Founder, Chainvine
Edward Chessman, AI & Deep learning, Peltarion
Philip Maurer, Head of Customer Engineering, Public Sector & Life Science, Google

Panel discussion - Investing in tech

Magda Lukaszewicz, Investment Associate, Balderton Capital
Henry Gladwyn, Principal, OMERS Ventures
Thomas Rubens, Partner, DN Capital
Sitar Teli, Managing Partner, Connect Ventures

See the highlights from Tech Forum 2019

On 13 June, Swedish and UK businesses along with 200+ attendees and 40+ investors were assembled at the Google Headquarters in London.

Tech Forum 2020

The next Tech Forum will take place early-mid June 2020. More information will follow.

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