Tech Forum: Towards an AI Enabled Future

10 June, 2:00pm - 5:00pm

Virtual, London

Tech Forum 2021 brings together business leaders, entrepreneurs, policy makers and academics to discuss an AI enabled future. Artificial intelligence is already having an almost revolutionary and transformational impact on society, but where is it taking us? We will be looking at the adoption of AI in organisations, AI as a driver for smart transport, investing in the tech of tomorrow, but also diving into the ethical dilemma. Through keynotes, panels, and interactive talk shows, with stellar line-ups of speakers, the forum is a great way to connect with the UK-Nordic tech ecosystem.

About the forum

Tech Forum is a platform for Swedish-British tech and investors to meet, learn and discuss. Celebrating the best of the latest in technology from across the North Sea, whether it's artificial intelligence, blockchain or virtual reality (and beyond) - the forum features leading experts at global success stories, exciting entrepreneurs and challengers alongside passionate purse-string partners.

You are welcome to read the digital programme from Tech Forum 2021 here.

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This event is hosted in partnership with the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in France, East Sweden,
Germany, Jönköping, Lithuania, Mälardalen, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Turkey, and the Swedish-British Chamber of Commerce.

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Peter Sandberg., Chief Executive, Swedish Chamber of Commerce

Keynote: Creating a tech capital

Rajesh Agrawal, Deputy Mayor of London for Business

Towards an AI Enabled Future

Matthew Blakemore., Head of Product, British Board of Film Classification

Keynote: Sparking the new industrial revolution

AI provides fascinating opportunities, empowering novel ways of tackling challenges. However, it may seem overwhelming at first, suited only for the experts. But why should AI be an important topic for all organisations, sectors, and society as a whole?

Sara Mazur, Chair, WASP – Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program

Fireside Chat: The storm is coming, and the storm is Artificial Intelligence, but how can Europe get ahead?

AI is rapidly developing all over the world, with innovations and implementations each day, but where is Europe? Whilst the continent is balancing the interests of the private and public sector, Asia and America are running. How do we become an attractive destination for the AI visionaries?

Iarla Kilbane-Dawe, Deputy Head of UK Government Office for Artificial Intelligence

Rikard Steiber, CEO, GoodTrust

Aurore Belfrage, Partner, SusTechable, and Senior Advisor, AI Sweden

Panel: Adopting AI across an organisation

With development and changes in business accelerating like never before, AI has become a natural part of the modern organisation. But how can AI be a driving force in sectors traditionally driven by the human mind? Why is it needed in all sorts of businesses, and not only within tech?

Kye Andersson, Major Impact Initiatives, AI Sweden

Simone Babb, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Commercial Product Lead, Digital Catapult

Dimitri French, Business Development Manager for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Solutions, UK&I, Amazon Web Services

Errol Koolmeister, Head of AI Foundation, H&M Group

Harry Rhys Davies, Chief of Staff, Greyparrot

Panel: AI as a driver for smart transportation

The transportation of the future has now become reality, but is it really useful in everyday life? What will the next 5 years look like, and can we expect smart transportation not even imaginable 20 years ago?

William Sachiti, Founder & CEO, Academy of Robotics

Dr Zeyn Saigol, Principal Technologist, Connected Places Catapult

Hamid Zarghampour, Chief Strategist, Swedish Transport Administration

George Filip, Knowledge Transfer Manager - Connected & Automated Vehicles, KTN – Knowledge Transfer Network

Panel: Investing in the tech of tomorrow

Transforming an idea into a successful venture is a long journey, and often depends on partnering with an initial, and sometimes long-term, investor. But what are investors' views of AI and what are they looking for? How do they identify the tech that will shape the future, the opportunity, and the scale?

Carlo Giovanni Biggio, Vice President, Accel Partners

Vinoth Jayakumar, Partner, Draper Esprit

Magda Lukaszewicz, Principal, Balderton Capital

Erika Björklund, Director, Corporate Finance Growth, SEB

Keynote: The trustworthiness of AI

Now more than ever, people rely on connectivity to support their daily lives, to access essential services, go to work and manage business. Soon fully cognitive models will dictate our connections, determining our interactions and their values, who gets prioritised and how we communicate. But how do we ensure trustworthiness throughout the development, deployment and use of AI?

Elena Fersman, Research Director of Artificial Intelligence, Ericsson

Panel: The ethical dilemma

The big struggle and the number one argument for AI opponents – how can we ensure a sustainable and effective use of AI whilst maintaining crucial human values? Can businesses adopt AI throughout, combining its possibilities for higher efficiency as well as the personal, intangible touch on business?

Julie Dawson, Director of Regulatory & Policy, Yoti

Anna Felländer, Founder, AI Sustainability Center

Magnus Strand, Associate Professor of European Law & Senior Lecturer, Uppsala University

Linus Wretblad, CEO, IPscreener

Mark Purdy, Senior Advisor, Kreab, and Managing Director, Purdy & Associates

Closing remarks


Matthew Blakemore., Head of Product, British Board of Film Classification

Speakers 2021

Kye Andersson

Kye Andersson

Major Impact Initiatives, AI Sweden

Kye is responsible for Major Impact Initiatives with AI Sweden, currently focusing on accelerating applied AI in Swedish healthcare and Media & Democracy.  He is also a delegate of the Swedish AI Council, as well as the Nordic AI Alliance, holds an innovation Grand Prix Winner from Cannes Lions, and has 20 years of experience in digital transformation, international advertising, PR, PA and product and service development. 

Kye is convinced that AI will change our world more than any other technology we have seen before. That AI will save millions, and improve the lives of billions. That AI will fundamentally impact health, food production, energy, business and creativity. Everywhere. Across the planet. AI will allow us to do things we haven’t even thought were possible. He is a frequent public speaker and works regularly with international AI organisations and communities across Europe, North America, Asia and Africa.

Rajesh Agrawal

Rajesh Agrawal

Deputy Mayor of London for Business

Rajesh Agrawal is the Deputy Mayor of London for Business. Born in India, Rajesh moved to London in 2001. As an entrepreneur he founded RationalFX in 2005, and Xendpay in 2014, both companies utilising technology to reduce the cost of international money transfer for businesses and individuals.

Rajesh is passionate about promoting entrepreneurship and creating opportunities for young people. He was appointed Chair of Oxfam’s Enterprise Development Programme in 2015 and has been a Patron of the Prince’s Trust for many years.

As Deputy Mayor Rajesh aims to be a strong voice for London’s business community, protecting jobs and growth, and ensuring that the capital remains the most open and attractive place to do business in the world.

Simone Babb

Simone Babb

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Commercial Product Lead, Digital Catapult

Simone’s focus is on driving industry adoption of AI. At Digital Catapult she leads commercial engagement and strategy for AI and ML.  She works with industry and the start-up and scale-up ecosystems to champion AI and ML innovation and experimentation in the UK across the manufacturing and creative sectors as it relates to optimisation, sustainability, and resilience.  Simone has over 14 years of experience in technology consulting and strategy at tier 1 management consultancies where she led programmes in the US, UK, and sub-Saharan Africa and developed a variety of technology commercial offerings.

Aurore Belfrage

Aurore Belfrage

Partner, SusTechable, and Senior Advisor, AI Sweden

Tech entrepreneur, political advisor and investor Aurore Belfrage spends her time in the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and international affairs. She’s an Industrial Advisor to Europe’s leading PE house EQT, she’s a syndicated columnist with leading Swedish daily Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) and a contributor to Politico, she writes, vlogs and hosts a podcast on pressing issues like the environment, geopolitics, ethics, governance and labor/future of work. Born in London, raised partly there as well as in Saudi and Sweden, with previous lives in venture capital with EQT Ventures, scrap dealing at Stena Metall, speechwriting and attempts at stand up comedy.

Erika Björklund

Erika Björklund

Director, Corporate Finance Growth, SEB

Erika Björklund is a Director at SEB Corporate Finance Growth advising tech and growth companies in capital raisings, IPOs and M&As. Erika has 20+ years' experience from investment banking and investment management at i.a. Nordea, Handelsbanken, Investor and Morgan Stanley.

Matthew Blakemore.

Matthew Blakemore.

Head of Product, British Board of Film Classification

Matthew is Head of Product at British Board of Film Classification (BBFC), an independent, not-for-profit organisation, here to help everyone in the UK choose age-appropriate films, videos and websites. In his role he forms the product strategy and manages the delivery of innovative solutions using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to support and enhance the BBFC's classification work. Matthew is also a member of the Artificial Intelligence committee in both the British Standards Institute and International Standards Organisation. Prior to the BBFC, he has managed product development at several companies and run his own tech startup. He studied International Business at the University of Hertfordshire.

Julie Dawson

Julie Dawson

Director of Regulatory & Policy, Yoti

Julie is known internationally for driving the ethical framework development at Yoti digital identity platform. Leading regulatory and government relations for Yoti, she develops policy approaches for fraud prevention and safeguarding, liases with national and sectoral trust frameworks, in conjunction with Yoti's internal and external ethics boards.

Julie is an authority in digital identity policy, ethics and governance, representing Yoti at numerous fora such as the World Economic Forum Digital Identity Innovators; techUK Public Sector, Data Ethics and Digital Identity Boards, ADA Citizens Biometric Council Oversight Board, the All Party Parliamentary Group for Digital Identity and the EU SHERPA Stakeholder Board.

Anna Felländer

Anna Felländer

Founder, AI Sustainability Center

Anna is one of Sweden’s leading experts on the effects of digitalization on organizations, society, and the economy, and has published a number of reports on the subject – on topics such as e-commerce, FinTech, the sharing economy and the role of AI in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Most recently, she was the Chief Economist and Digital Economist & Futurist of Swedbank. Moreover, she has been working for the Swedish Government for ten years at the Ministry of Finance and The Prime Minister’s office.

Anna has held positions in academia, government, the digital start-up scene, and large organizations focusing on Artificial Intelligence & Ethics. She has been a Senior Advisor to the Minister of Digitalization, Affiliated Faculty at the Royal Institute of Technology, as well as a Board member at AI startups. She is an expert advisor to Sana Labs, which applies deep learning to make education personalized and more accessible.

Elena Fersman

Elena Fersman

Research Director of Artificial Intelligence, Ericsson

Elena Fersman is a Research Director in Artificial Intelligence at Ericsson. She is responsible of a team of researchers located in Sweden, USA, India, Hungary and Brazil. She is a docent and an adjunct professor in Cyber-Physical Systems specialized in Automation at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. She holds a PhD in Computer Science from Uppsala University, a Master of Science in Economics and Management from St. Petersburg Polytechnic University and did a postdoc at the University Paris-Saclay. At Ericsson, she had various positions ranging from product management to research leadership. Elena is a member of the Board of Directors of RISE Research Institutes of Sweden. Elena has co-authored over 50 patent families.

George Filip

George Filip

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Connected & Automated Vehicles, KTN – Knowledge Transfer Network

George works with all types of organisations involved in the Connected and Automated Mobility space. He is supporting innovation programmes from DfT, BeIS, CCAV, Zenzic and UKRI; inputs into policy programmes and facilitates knowledge transfer.

Since joining the KTN at the end of 2017, George has helped UK organisations win more than £60 million in R&D grants as well as achieve projects value of more than £90 million. This has been made possible thanks to the successful collaborations that he has managed to facilitate between organisations of different types.

Dimitri French

Dimitri French

Business Development Manager for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Solutions, UK&I, Amazon Web Services

Dimitri French is a leading Business Development Professional with a strong passion for AI, Machine Learning and data driven innovation. Yielded a decade of results in unlocking new markets for VC owned companies and multinationals. An expert with a multicultural background and a keen understanding of the financial and technical aspects of digital transformation and cloud technology.

Carlo Giovanni Biggio

Carlo Giovanni Biggio

Vice President, Accel Partners

Carlo Giovanni Biggio is a Vice President at Accel where he focuses on Cloud, Fintech and Security businesses. Prior to joining Accel, Carlo was with Anthemis and Rocket Internet, focusing on early-stage European startups. Carlo is from Cagliari, Italy and graduated from Bocconi University and the Rotterdam School of Management.

Vinoth Jayakumar

Vinoth Jayakumar

Partner, Draper Esprit

Vinoth is a Partner at Draper Esprit, having joined the team in 2016. Prior to that he worked at a boutique management consulting firm in London and was an angel investor in various startups.

He leads Fintech investing at Draper Esprit, leading investments into companies like Thought Machine, Form3, PrimaryBid, Revolut, Freetrade and Ravelin. He is focused on investing against a thesis that is built around the future of financial services covering how people interact with money, all the way through to the infrastructure software behind the architecture of banks.

Iarla Kilbane-Dawe

Iarla Kilbane-Dawe

Deputy Head of UK Government Office for Artificial Intelligence

Iarla Kilbane-Dawe is the Deputy Head of the UK Government Office for AI, with responsibility for International AI Policy, the AI Council and Engagement. Previously in the private sector, UK civil service and head of the European Space Agency’s AI lab in Frascati, his goal is to accelerate development of the UK’s AI research and industry ecosystem to ensure UK pre-eminence in AI and our international collaborations, with a focus on responsible AI and its application to major societal and industrial challenges.

Errol Koolmeister

Errol Koolmeister

Head of AI Foundation, H&M Group

As the Head of AI Foundation Errol is responsible for leading all the machine learning and data science teams for H&M Group. With 15 years of experience from a wide variety of industries, Errol has been able to reach an expert level in working with and extracting value from data. Both hands-on in the data and from a strategic perspective by creating data products and leading large teams.

Prior to H&M, Errol worked as a Director of Data Science for ThinkBig Analytics, a Teradata company where he was responsible for a team of 25 data scientists placed in major projects across the Nordic region, Eastern Europe and Russia. Before that, he was stationed in London with a global responsibility as a Lead Data Scientist for Vodafone Group and originally started his career at Nordea, the largest Nordic bank, where he worked for several years in different roles.

Magda Lukaszewicz

Magda Lukaszewicz

Principal, Balderton Capital

Magda joined Balderton in 2018. She is a principal and responsible for the Nordics, with a particular interest in fintech. Prior to Balderton, Magda was at Goldman Sachs, starting in the financing group, and later moved to the Consumer, Retail & Healthcare M&A team. Before joining Goldman Sachs, Magda was involved in Swedish politics and worked in start-ups. Magda has an MSc in Business & Economics from Lund University. 

Sara Mazur

Sara Mazur

Chair, WASP – Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program

Sara Mazur is Director Strategic Research at Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation and Chair of Wallenberg Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Systems and Software Program, WASP. Prior to taking up these positions, Mazur was Vice President and Head of Research at Ericsson, responsible for all research at Ericsson globally and leading the global research organization Ericsson Research, a position she held 2012-2018. Mazur worked 23 years for Ericsson on advanced technology and research to strengthen Ericsson’s technical excellence and has held many management positions in the group. Mazur is since 2013 member of the Board of Directors of Saab AB and since 2018 member of the Board of Directors of Investor AB. She is also member of the boards of Combient AB and Nobel Media AB.

Mark Purdy

Mark Purdy

Senior Advisor, Kreab, and Managing Director, Purdy & Associates

Mark Purdy is managing director of Purdy & Associates, an independent advisory and thought leadership firm focused on issues at the intersection of economics, technology and business. His recent publications have examined the economic and business impact of next-wave technologies, such as AI, virtual reality, digital twins, machine discovery and swarm intelligence. His work also focuses on the growing role of techno-nationalism in technology, trade and investment. Previous projects have looked at globalisation, China’s economic development, and European competitiveness. He has published widely in tier-1 media and specialised publications such as Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review, and the Financial Times. He speaks on topics such as the impact of new technologies and business futures at conferences, client workshops and seminars around the world.

Previous posts include Managing Director of Economic Research at Accenture (2000-2020), economic adviser at the U.K. Competition Commission, principal policy researcher at the Consumers’ Association, and economist at Ireland’s National Economic and Social Council. He has a B.A. (Hons) and a master’s degree in economics from Trinity College, Dublin.

Harry Rhys Davies

Harry Rhys Davies

Chief of Staff, Greyparrot

Harry is Chief of Staff at Greyparrot, which automates waste composition analysis using AI-powered computer vision software. Prior to joining Greyparrot, Harry built and ran Tech Nation's Applied AI programme, a Government-backed initiative to support the UK's leading AI companies as they scale. The first cohort included companies like SenSat, which closed $10m with Tencent, and Latent Logic, which was acquired by Waymo. Previously, Harry was Head of Investment at Wayra, Telefonica's startup accelerator, and managed a number of different programmes across the country, including the GCHQ Cyber Accelerator.

William Sachiti

William Sachiti

Founder & CEO, Academy of Robotics

Having exited his first start-up (123-registration) at 19, team leader William Sachiti (34) has since founded and exited 3 businesses including Clever Bins, a business he pitched aged 24 on the BBC Dragon’s Den show. Before he turned his attention to AI and robotics his last business, MyCityVenue was acquired by Secret Escapes in 2015.

Whilst studying at the University of Aberystwyth, William invented world’s first AI robot librarian. He has since devised several patents on driverless vehicle technology, including drone delivery systems such as SkyHighway, but is now focused on ground-based solutions to the challenge of last-mile delivery. Under his leadership, Academy of Robotics has developed Kar-go, a fully operational self-driving car that can deliver packages.

Peter Sandberg.

Peter Sandberg.

Chief Executive, Swedish Chamber of Commerce

Peter Sandberg is Chief Executive at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce since 2018. He holds an MSc in Political Science and Economics from Lund University and has previously worked in press and communications roles at the Swedish Embassy and Chamber of Commerce in London respectively. He has worked at the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in New York City as Director of Program and VP, and when returning to London, joined the British Private Equity & Venture Capital Association where he was part of the management team in his role as Director of Commercial Development & Membership.

Dr Zeyn Saigol

Dr Zeyn Saigol

Principal Technologist, Connected Places Catapult

Dr Zeyn Saigol is a Principal Technologist with the Connected Places Catapult, specialising in verification, validation and regulatory approval of autonomous vehicles. He’s technical lead for the CertiCAV and MUSICC projects, working with the UK Department for Transport to explore practical certification methods for CAVs. MUSICC has developed a shared library for storing test scenarios, and building on this CertiCAV has defined a safety and approval framework. He was also interface architect for VeriCAV, a collaborative R&D project creating a smart simulation testing framework, and has led Catapult projects exploring how CAVs can positively contribute to decarbonisation. His background includes a PhD in AI planning, MSc in machine learning, and roles in both academia and industry focused on creating autonomous robots.

Rikard Steiber

Rikard Steiber

CEO, GoodTrust

Rikard is currently CEO of GoodTrust and Senior Advisor for Autonomous Electric Transport company Einride. Former President of Viveport and SVP of Virtual Reality at HTC, built Viveport which is the world’s first and only “Netflix of VR” subscription service. Before joining HTC, Rikard successfully built up several international businesses in Video on Demand and eSports, as the CEO for MTGx. At Google, he was Global Marketing Director of Ads, Mobile and Social Advertising and prior to this ran marketing for all Google’s products in Europe. Rikard is the founder of Europe's largest Women in Tech event. He is a future Astronaut with Virgin Galactic.

Magnus Strand

Magnus Strand

Associate Professor of European Law & Senior Lecturer, Uppsala University

Magnus Strand is associate professor of European law and senior lecturer in commercial law at Uppsala University. He is also director of research in the law and business unit at the Department of Business Studies, managing two research projects on the use of artificial intelligence in the financial markets (FinTech and RegTech, respectively). Both projects are funded by The Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program — Humanities and Society (WASP-HS).

Linus Wretblad

Linus Wretblad

CEO, IPscreener

Linus is a serial entrepreneur, co-founder of Uppdragshuset and IPscreener. He has 20 years of experience in innovation management and IP strategies, starting as an examiner at the Swedish Patent office with a focus on prior art searches and patentability analysis.

Since 2008 he is on the committee of the Swedish IP Information Group (SIPIG) and was chair on the board of the European CEPIUG during 2012-2017. Linus is currently one of the committee members of the ISBQPIP for certification of Patent Information Professionals He is recently involved in a EUROSTAR research project focused on AI assisted exploration of innovation landscapes and associated prior art analysis.

Hamid Zarghampour

Hamid Zarghampour

Chief Strategist, Swedish Transport Administration

Hamid Zarghampour is currently responsible for the Swedish Transport Administration’s strategies and related activities for the introduction of connected and automated road transports. It includes coordination of the ongoing national projects and collaboration with the EU member states in various areas of connected and automated road transports. Mr. Zarghampour started his career at the Swedish Road Administration about 25 years ago and has worked within the field of transport planning in general and road asset management in particular. He has also been actively working for the implementation of innovative solutions, encouraging sustainable development globally. Since 2013, he has mainly worked with research and innovation within the field of connected and automated transports.

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