Meet&Pitch: FinTech

Tuesday 9 November 4pm-7pm and Wednesday 10 November 9am-12am  

Meet & Pitch: FinTech, organised by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK on behalf of the UK Department for International Trade and with supporting partner Findec, focuses on Swedish businesses within Financial Technology.

We are inviting the brightest, most innovative and prominent Swedish FinTech businesses to join two half days sessions. 10 companies will be selected to be coached through masterclasses, inspirational speeches, speed dating and have the opportunity to meet important stakeholders in the industry. We are connecting founders with UK stakeholders within the finance and FinTech industry and the UK investment community to prepare them to take their business to the next level.


Agenda day 1 - Knowledge & Insight day: Understanding the UK Market and the Regulatory Environment for FinTechs 

16:00 Welcome and Introduction

16:15 The Case for the UK - The Market After Brexit and the Pandemic 

16:30 Keynote: The Finance System in the UK/The FinTech Ecosystem 

  • What are the current trends? How do incumbents and FinTech's interact? What does the ecosystem in the UK look like? 

17:00 Coffee Break 

17:20 Keynote: The FinTech Regulatory Environment in the UK - Followed with a Fireside chat incl. Q&A 

  • What is the state of the regulatory environment for FinTechs in the UK? What regulations do FinTech's need to be aware of? 

18:00 Panel discussion incl. Q&A: Lessons Learned by Successful Entrepreneurs 

  • What can we learn from people and companies that have done this before?

18:45 End of Day 

19:00 Networking 


Agenda day 2 - Setting up and Scaling in the UK: Setting up Operationally and Scaling in the UK Market 

09:00 Coffee & Welcome  

09:30 Keynote: Setting up in the UK Operationally 

  • How to set up a company in the UK? What do Swedish companies need to consider when operating in the UK? 

09:50 Panel discussion incl. Q&A: What do UK players in the financial ecosystem look for and how do you get a foot in the door?

  • What is attractive with Swedish FinTechs? What are the next steps of established UK players like Monzo and Starling?

10:30 Pitch your Current Needs in Terms of Competence, Contacts and Capital and Receive Feedback from the Panel

  • Swedish FinTech companies will pitch who they are, what stage they are in, current challenges and what guidance and partners they are looking for. 

11:30 End of Day and Introducing Networking Opportunities 

11:45 Networking
Opportunity to network and discuss challenges and opportunities with stakeholders in the British FinTech industry. Representatives from the finance industry, experts within operations and influencers in the market will be invited. An opportunity for the Swedish-British FinTech stakeholders to interact and discuss how to work together. 


Meet&Pitch: FinTech

9 November, 4:00pm - 10 November, 12:00pm

TBA, London

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