Business Breakfast with Sir Robbie Gibb, Senior Advisor, Kekst CNC and former Director of Communications, 10 Downing Street

Welcome to this Business Breakfast with Sir Robbie Gibb, Senior Advisor at Kekst CNC and former Director of Communications at 10 Downing Street, on the the direction of travel in UK politics for 2022 – insight into the thinking of No.10.

Robbie Gibb joined from the BBC in the aftermath of the 2017 General Election and was intimately involved in the development and selling of Britain’s policy to leave the EU. His first-hand experience and insight into the political drama surrounding Brexit gives him an unparalleled understanding of the challenges the Government now faces in Europe and in Parliament. At Number 10 Robbie worked across every area of policy including preparations for the annual budget, drawing up the long-term plan for the NHS and new measures to combat plastic waste. A champion of impartiality in broadcast journalism, Robbie had an illustrious career editing many of the BBC’s flagship programmes. In the years leading up to his move into politics, he was head of BBC Westminster with overall responsibility for the BBC’s political output. Today, Sir Robbie Gibb also sits on the board of BBC as the England Nation Member. 

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Business Breakfast with Sir Robbie Gibb, Senior Advisor, Kekst CNC and former Director of Communications, 10 Downing Street

22 February, 8:00am - 10:00am

Kekst CNC, 63 Turnmill St, London EC1M 5RR

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