Sjömagasinet is one of the largest independent fish and shellfish restaurants in Northern Europe.

As early as 1775, Sjömagasinet was initially built as a warehouse for the Swedish East India Company and is situated at Klippan ferry terminal just by the Göta Canal in Gothenburg. Over the years the house has served a number of functions from Harbor Office, fish auctions, lodgings for Danish prisoners of war to Customs and a Pilot Office. In 1975 the house was converted into a restaurant and today Sjömagasinet can serve up to 300 seated guests at any given time. The summer season offers a superb outdoor area where up to 180 people can be served simultaneously.

Since April 2011 Ulf Wagner has acted as owner of Sjömagasinet and the Chef de cuisine is Mr. Gustav Trägårdh - Chef of the Year 2010 in Sweden. In 1989 Mr. Wagner was awarded a Guide Michelin star during his time at the restaurant The Place. In 2005 Ulf Wagner received another star, this time for the Basement Restaurant and Bar. And finally, in 2013 a third star was awarded to Ulf Wagner for Sjömagasinet. Mr. Wagner is the only person in The Nordic countries to have earned a Michelin Star for three different restaurants.

As well as running a restaurant and a gastronomical workshop in Gothenburg, Sjömagasinet has diversified into catering and event services. Over the years, orders have come not only from Gothenburg, but also from cities such as Tokyo, Moscow, London, Cape Town, Singapore, Milan, Oslo and Stockholm.

Sjömagasinet serves about 68000 guests annually, has a staff base of 70 employees and an annual turnover of SEK 60 million. Sjömagasinet is also environmentally certified by the city of Gothenburg as of 2014.


Sjömagasinet Sverige AB
Phone: +46 31 775 59 20