Mercuri Urval

“How can we make sure we have the right people in place to deliver the best possible results?”

Mercuri Urval was founded more than 50 years ago to answer this simple but important question that leaders face. Every day since, the firm has developed and refined its methods, so you can be confident in its expert’s advice. As pioneers in predicting the impact of people’s capabilities and personality on business results, Mercuri Urval has always placed high importance on Executive Search and Professional Recruitment. Over the years, the firm has developed a proven track record in Assessment for Selection and for Development purposes.

Today, Mercuri Urval work with more than 3.000 clients – across all sectors – in over 50 countries every year. As the business has grown, its services have expanded to include a range of Talent & Leadership Advisory services, built to meet the clients’ needs to strengthen their people’s performance.

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In light of COVID-19, Swedish and British governments have issued guidelines for individuals and businesses that are experiencing times of uncertainty. The guidelines include information on what the governments are doing to support businesses. Read more:
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In this feature by the financial news platform Realtid, Jan Olsson, SCC Chairman and CEO Nordics at Deutsche Bank, shares his views on the current state of the Swedish M&A market, and why stakeholders can remain calm amidst this time of uncertainties.

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