Mercuri Urval

Established in Sweden in 1967, Mercuri Urval has grown to become a leading international Executive Search and Talent Advisory firm. Our work is far reaching and helps our clients ensure they have the right people in the right role with the right capabilities aligned to their organisation’s unique strategy. The assignments we have been invited to support our clients with include company integration following an M&A, designing a leadership framework to meet a changing business environment or a new business strategy, identifying and recommending a new business leader to improve company performance, designing competency frameworks and improving the selection criterion.

Everything we do is around people and results and we are committed to improving our client’s business performance. If you would like to know how we may be able to support your business, please get in contact.

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"This is the worst recession in 300 years. The inflation and unemployment are on the rise” - Peter Sandberg, MD at #SCC. Despite the challenges, analysts say there's a pent up demand that will help the economy take off as a new 20's dawns. #SvD
Peter Sandberg, Managing Director of the #SCC, guested P1-morgon on Swedish radio yesterday where he discussed how Swedish companies in the UK are affected by Brexit. Listen to the episode here: #Brexit #Sweden #UK #Business #Trade
With more than 25 speakers and 300+ delegates, this year's Swedish-British Summit: Outer Thinking served exciting conversations & take-aways on topics such as 21st century leadership, climate change & global trade. Watch the full programme here:
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