EFG International

Practitioners of the craft of private banking

EFG International is a private banking group unlike any other. Based in Zurich, it was founded on a passionate conviction: that clients deserve more. To us, the essence of private banking is relationships, and providing the conditions for them to flourish. Our Client Relationship Officers (CROs) enjoy the freedom to serve clients as best they can; compelled only to craft solutions, not to sell particular products.

EFG International's group of private banking businesses operates in around 30 locations worldwide, with circa 2,000 employees. Its registered shares (EFGN) are listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

We are well equipped to cater for the needs of Swedish nationals living overseas, with experienced CROs serving Swedish clients in Switzerland (with offices in Geneva and Zurich) and the UK. We also offer services from Luxembourg.

If this is of interest, why not get in touch? Our contact details are given below. To locate the nearest office to you, please visit: www.efginternational.com


Phone: +41 22 918 7171
Web: www.efginternational.com
Email: m.olsen@efgbank.com (Mr Martin Olsen, Senior Vice President, Scandinavian Desk EFG Bank SA, Geneva)