Why the UK should be the next step in your expansion

9 June 2020

Experience and insight was shared en masse, as the Swedish Chamber hosted ”Expanding to the UK” on 9 June - a webinar targeted towards early stage businesses interested in taking the next step in their expansion journey and establishing a presence on the UK market.

The webinar included accounts from experts on why London and the UK as a whole are favourable places to do business in, a panel discussion and Q&A with successful entrepreneurs in the UK who elaborated on what considerations to make while entering the UK market and information on resources and programmes that can help Swedish start-ups in their expansion journeys to the UK.

‘’The bounds between Sweden and the UK have a deep and long history. They are key trading partners to each other, and London is home to a significant number of Swedes and Swedish companies. In fact, the last decade, London has been the second largest destination to Swedish investment behind Helsinki,’’ said Rajesh Agrawal, Deputy Mayor of London for Business, at the webinar. He added: ’I’m confident that London’s dynamic economy will weather the storm and that our natural and longstanding partnership with Sweden will endure these unprecedented times (...) We’ve got incredible creative energy and entrepreneurial spirit that has defined us as the go to place for innovation, business culture and openness.‘’

A very special thank you to Rajesh Agrawal, Deputy Mayor of London for Business, Ranj Begley, Chief Content Officer and Managing Director UK at Readly, Christer Holloman, CEO and Co-Founder of Divido, Peter Jelkeby, UK & IE Country CEO & CSO at IKEA Group, Ciaran O'Malley, Head of Commercial Strategy at Trustly and Frida Emilsson, Co-founder & COO at Worldfavor for sharing your insights. Also, a warm thank you to Jessica Guter, Head of Global Expansion at Norrsken Foundation for moderating the discussions.

Sponsors and partners
The webinar was sponsored by Department for International Trade (DIT) Sweden and TMF Group. In partnership with Brittisk-Svenska Handelskammaren, Findec, Handelskammaren Jönköpings Län, Minc, Startup Sweden, Sting, SUP46, the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket), Östsvenska Handelskammaren, Stockholms Handelskammare and Norrsken Foundation.

Watch the webinar on Youtube
Did you miss the chance to attend the webinar? We have made it available on Youtube in its entirety, where you can listen in on the discussions.

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