Tired of being Tired?

2 May 2015

Marika Källman

In today’s high pace urban lifestyle, stress and fatigue amongst busy city people are rife and finding the time to refuel energy and keep track of one’s healthy habits is often a challenge. That’s why Chris Christiansson and his team at TalisLife has developed a mobile health (mHealth) training system consisting of an app and multilevel intelligent device for smartphones, to give advice on how to live a balanced and healthy life by tracking health and stress levels.

The background to TalisLife

After working in sports and corporate health training all his life, Chris Christiansson was inspired by previous studies and experience in behaviour physiology to develop a solution for high performers and stressed out city people. The idea of TalisLife developed while Christiansson and his team were doing corporate motivation camps for executives around the world. While they were hiking the mountains of Switzerland, doing fairly simple team building exercises, he noticed that most people could not cope under pressure and physical effort. Having previously worked with Biofeedback, advanced technology for tracking health parameters, Christiansson decided to take the large, clumsy device and make it wearable - into a mobile application for smartphones. The mobile solution would help individuals to test and monitor their body, mind and emotional parameters to detect fatigue, dysfunctional unhealthy lifestyle patterns – and ultimately increase wearers’ wellbeing.

TalisLife is aimed towards active professionals, both men and women, who are tired of being tired and deal with both performance pressure and the stress of everyday life. In order to achieve this, TalisLife has developed a daily routine referred to as the RRRMS™ Formula 1, which is a personalised daily routines for sustainable healthy high performance and wellbeing. The mobile health training system accessible in your smartphone enables you to stay energetic, fit, empowered and healthy which is necessary to be able to sustain a productive and balanced lifestyle. TalisLife aims to help users prevent stress-related fatigue, act on pre-burnout signs, recover quickly and develop good habits by nurturing better physiology.

Formula 1 to better health

Using the TalisLife training system means developing a daily routine of self-monitoring of vital health parameters, monitor once personal health risks and behaviours, and learn to include the RRRMS™ daily. It also encourages users to take daily, weekly and monthly retreats to connect with themselves and make self-health checks.  Different from other competitors on the market, TalisLife tracks multilevel measurements in real-time of the nine vital human health risks and behaviours. According to the company, the TalisLife is based upon validated behaviour physiology science, which makes is more accurate compared to other products.

One of the other benefits is the intelligent training system helps users to stay in their ‘e-zone’, a zone of energized inner stability and creative calm. By monitoring and up-dating daily health information via Bluetooth, the system tracks physical, mental and emotional indicators to detect pressure, stress, fatigue and dysfunctional parameters. It analyzes your ‘health habits’, talks you through stress, alerts you to slow down, to refuel your energy or engage your ‘specific best practice’ routines to meet your daily challenges.

Connecting with the Swedish network

TalisLife has chosen to become part of the active London community that a membership in the Swedish Chamber of Commerce gives access to and where many potential future customers gather. Since they joined in May, they have already made invaluable contacts and partners who have helped with branding and marketing of the launch of the product, as a result of successful SCC networking.

The application is launching in April but TalisLife is already getting a broad interest from individuals, corporations and health professional alike. The reason is that it meets a need and helps people finding pragmatic solutions for how to balance their work-life-health. The concept of corporate wellness is becoming more important within office culture and training systems such as TalisLife are now becoming more popular from an employer`s point of view. The trend is for companies to include such solutions into the package when planning for the wellbeing of their employees, to encourage these to achieve a healthy balance and increase productivity.

Given results on the golf course

According to Christiansson, they have seen how people using the TalisLife as part of their daily life have been able to increase their focus and up their performance in various situations.  Success stories range from Golf players having reached their all-time high due to mindfulness exercises before taking shots, to executives, preparing for important meetings, who have experienced an increased focus leading to great deals being signed.

In the future TalisLife plans to offer users an integrated lifelong self-health system to test, teach, train and track vital human health risks & behaviours to develop healthy lifestyle routines and make them become natural for people to use in the daily life. The aim is for TalisLife to get medically approved and ultimately for it to be included in the healthcare system as a tool for physicians.

For now, Christiansson and his team at TalisLife are focusing on continuing to improve the mHealth training system, getting feedback from customers to increase the accuracy even further and to continue to improve their customer`s health.

RRRMSTM Formula 1 Routine






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