The Swedish Chamber's 6 Top Networking tips

11 June 2015

Mikael Angesjo

At the SCC we take pride in providing our Members with ample opportunity to meet and mingle with each other. But how does one make the most of the experience? A lot of the time it is the simplest details that make all the difference. Check out our 6 top tips on networking successfully!


1. Wear your badge on your right

At badly lit and somewhat noisy networking venues you want to wear your attendance badge on the right hand side to make sure it is visible when shaking hands and introducing yourself.

 Take notes. Photo: Dwayne Bent/Flickr


2. Always carry a pen with you

Discussions and remarks exchanged when networking usually falls within one’s short-term memory, therefore, make notes on the business cards you receive, to reference during your follow-up.


3. Exchange business cards with style

Keep your own cards in your jacket pocket and the cards you receive from others in your trouser pocket. This will save you from any embarrassment of offering someone else's card when exchanging details.

 Stay up to date. Photo: Andrew Stewarz/Flickr


4. Keep on top of current events

Brits don't do business when networking. Instead they will assess if they can trust you via informal conversation. As long as you are up to date on the weather forecast, the economic climate, the housing market and the latest sports scores you can join in and contribute to most conversations.


5. Don't get stuck in the door

 Successful networking requires the ability to prioritise. When arriving, find out who is attending and locate the individuals you are specifically interested in meeting first. Don't get caught up in fruitless discussions in the entrance as networking time is usually limited and senior attendees often leave early.

Get the handshake right. Photo: Brian Tracy/Flickr


6. Introduce yourself with a business handshake

First impressions are crucial when networking and it all starts with the handshake. Offer your hand, meet the web between the index finger and thumb of the other person's hand and shake two to five seconds. Always maintain eye contact with a sincere smile and share a polite greeting.


 You are good to go! Will we see you at our next networking event? 

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