The SCC welcomes new Scholars to its team

5 June 2020

The Swedish Chamber welcomes four new scholars to its scholarship programme, made available by partnerships with and generous donations from the Gull & Stellan Ljungberg’s Foundation, the Scholarship Fund for Swedish Youth Abroad and the Sten A. Olsson Foundation for Research and Culture.

The scholarships, that were presented at the 113th Annual General Meeting on 4 June, are provided to talented young students, offering them twelve months’ experience at the Chamber’s secretariat in London. This year’s recipients were:

Sten A. Olsson Foundation for Research and Culture
Recipient: Michelle Riedenfalk
Presented by: Lars Olsson, General Manager, Stena Line

Scholarship Fund for Swedish Youth Abroad
Recipient: Mahmoud Hajo
Presented by: Karin Ehnbom-Palmquist, Chair, Scholarship Fund for Swedish Youth Abroad

Gull & Stellan Ljungberg’s Foundation Scholarship
Recipient: Maria Karlsson
Presented by: Sara Forsström, CEO, Gull & Stellan Ljungberg’s Foundation

SCC Scholarship
Recipient: Tobias Almqvist
Presented by: Jan Olsson, SCC Chairman

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