21 July 2015

Rebecca Martin & Ebba Wiberg

So you have decided to attend some of the SCC events. Congratulations, you have made a great choice! However, you are unsure of which event to go to and where to start? Never fear, we will take care of you. Take our wonderfully scientific quiz to see where you should begin…


  1. First things first. Why are you looking to come to an event?

(a)    I want to expand my network

(b)   I want to extend my knowledge

(c)    I want to meet more Bright Young Things like myself

(d)   I want a top job at IKEA


  1. Who are you at the event?

(a) The card-wielding networker

(b) The shrinking violet with the best intentions to be social

(c) It doesn’t even start till I walk in

(d) The one who is looking for a top job at IKEA


  1. What topic would interest you the most in a forum or seminar?

(a) How to improve business

(b) How to stay Cyber Safe

(c) The latest trends… in anything

(d) Recruitment (IKEA will be there, right?)


  1. Who are you hoping to see at the event?

(a) The Chairman of the Council

(b) The MD of a large Swedish industrial company

(c) Hot new Swedish start up, recently arrived in London

(d) The HR department of IKEA


  1. Which member of the SCC staff would you be most likely to talk to at an event?

(a)    Ulla Nilsson, MD

(b)   Ebba Wiberg, Events Manager (we have already emailed, she’s really nice)

(c)    The Investor, Anders Wall or Lund Scholar. They’re SO on fleek.

(d)   Has anyone of them previously worked at IKEA?




Mostly A’s

You may not know, WHAT or WHO you are looking for, but you are DEFINITELY looking. We applaud that. In fact, you are our favourite kind of attendee! From forums to the Christmas Luncheon, you know how to work the room and how to seek out that unexpected business opportunity, which has been lurking in the Trade Directory for years! Keep up the good work! However, no one is perfect - there is probably at least one event you have missed – got to our events page and sign up!


Mostly B’s

Maybe not the most naturally social networker, you still feel a bit uncomfortable being asked to stand up and sing snaps songs! Why not start by signing up to ALL our wonderful forums. There is no easier way than being served knowledge on a current topic or trend before being ushered towards the bar with a natural topic of conversation already given.  However, we strongly recommend that you work on your social skills too, as being a networker is important in London. Best sign up for ALL our social events as well – good practice and all that!


Mostly C’s

We strongly suspect that you might be one of your YP members. That’s alright, we welcome you too. While waiting to qualify for the SCC Membership, we strongly recommend you sign up to ALL of the YP events – one cannot start growing one’s network early enough! Don’t forget to keep an eye out for SCC events that you are allowed to go to – and then sign up for ALL of these as well.


Mostly D’s

We feel perhaps you may have a hidden agenda (unlike us with this quiz...) Our recommendation is that you should attend EVERYTHING until you find what you are looking for or realize that there are many companies out there worthy of your attention…

…Ok fine, make sure to come to the Retail Forum. Yes, yes…. someone from IKEA will be there.


For more information on upcoming SCC events, check out our events page...

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