Podcast: In conversation with Linda Griffin and Mats Granryd

4 November 2019

What are the greatest challenges and opportunities for leaders in tech today? Join in on the conversation as Linda Griffin, VP Public Policy at SCC patron King and co-founder of European Tech Alliance, and Mats Granryd, Director General of SCC patron GSMA, discuss tech, mobile connectivity and the greatest questions for policy makers today. Listen to the podcast below, on Spotify, or on Apple Podcasts. 

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What if Juliet would not have ended her life after her tragic fate with Romeo? Last night we got a glimpse of Juliet’s alternative future, set to the well-known tunes of Swedish songwriter and producer Max Martin, at the new West End musical & Juliet. https://t.co/GrnlvWeOd0
We are happy to welcome Richard Hildebrand, Founder of TandonHildebrand @TandonHild, and Patrik Högberg, Managing Director of @LoomisUK, as two of the mentors of the SCC Mentorship Programme 2020. Read more and apply here: https://t.co/0DXLWcZpap #SCCMentorshipProgramme #yp #UK
The SCC is proud to announce Handelsbanken Wealth Management as the official sponsor of the Christmas Luncheon 2019. Handelsbanken Wealth Management aims to help customers to secure their financial future, by offering a joined-up approach to the customers’ finances. #SCC #UK

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