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18 June 2018

Linnéa Lindgren, Nathalie Thiel, André Wiktorsson

The new scholars of 2018/2019 joined the Chamber in the beginning of June and here’s a short introduction for the network. 

Linnéa Lindgren
Communications Department, Lund University Scholar

I am so happy to be given the opportunity to spend one year at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in the UK, and of course to introduce myself to the LINK readers.

I am currently pursuing my Master’s degree in international marketing and brand management at Lund University where I also pursued my Bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics. Marketing and communication are fields that are close to my heart and I specialise in international consumer trends, brands and innovation, topics that I am very interested in.

I have always loved travelling and experiencing different cultures, which is why the international environment at the SCC is truly appealing to me. Two years ago, I spent my exchange semester in Montréal, Canada and I have also worked professionally in Malta, France and South Africa. Experiences that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

I have also had the pleasure to engage in a lot of diverse activities during my time in Lund, such as working extra as a Business Associate, being active in Lundakarnevalen, studying French and most recently working as Head of Communications for Lunicore, Lund University Student Consulting. All of these activities and commitments have been very rewarding for me since I have been able to use my social, creative and curious personality.

I am convinced that this coming year will provide me with invaluable lessons and experiences that I will never forget. With that being said, I am ready and thrilled to embark on a journey together with SCC!


Nathalie Thiel
Membership Department, Foundation for Swedish Youth Abroad Scholar

My strong curiosity and love for travelling and exploring new cultures has lead me to take on interesting opportunities abroad whenever I get the chance. I have lived, worked and led projects extensively across Europe for educational purposes as well as non-profit work. Therefore, it was an obvious choice for me to further broaden my horizons and seek work opportunities outside of Sweden.

I have dedicated five years to Stockholm School of Economics, first a Bachelor’s degree in Retail Management and now finishing my Master’s degree in Business & Management. But I have been wanting to live in the UK ever since I was a child, also encouraged by my grandfather who was born in London. I am certain that the year will bring invaluable experiences and networking opportunities, provide great knowledge in international business and a fantastic start to my international career. In my free time, you will either find me enjoying live music in concert, attending seminars on politics and international affairs, sweating in the yoga studio or enjoying afternoon tea (fika!) at cafés.

I am expecting a challenging and incredibly interesting year ahead with the Swedish parliamentary election and to continue following the Brexit discussions. I look forward to meeting the members of the SCC to hear about their journey, gain inspiration and learn an incredible amount from them. To sum up, I am beyond excited to contribute to the future work of the SCC.


André Viktorsson
Events Department, Sten A Olsson Scholar

As an entrepreneurial and business-minded person who loves social contexts, I believe this year at the SCC in London will be very inspiring and rewarding. Ever since I was a teenager, I have had a great interest in entrepreneurship which has resulted in different projects. I have been managing group trips for students, created my own brand for aromatic hand sanitisers, and last year I was involved in launching an online outlet for vintage clothes. My interests are broad and what motivates me is when someone says “It’s impossible, come on, do something else!”

Alongside my great passion for entrepreneurship, I spend my days studying a Bachelor’s in economics at Gothenburg University. International economics and politics have always interested me, and I suffer if I do not get the chance to read the newspaper in the morning. When I read about the opportunity to become a scholar at the SCC in London, I saw the chance to be able to develop professionally in an international environment where both business-related matters and societal matters are of high importance. I am looking forward to being a part of the organisation and to work to strengthen the relationship between our two countries, especially now when Brexit is approaching.

This year at the SCC will be a real adventure for me and I am looking forward to be able to add value to the organisation and to their Members.

Off the record: If someone is looking for a squash duellist during the year in London, just let me know!

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