Member Highlight: VirtualROI

29 October 2018

Johanna Tegelström

SCC Member and digital marketing agency virtualROI was set up in 2008 by three friends who wanted to support their clients in a different way to what was then common in the industry. This year, virtualROI celebrates its 10 year anniversary with over 50 clients in its portfolio including Google Cloud, Red Hat and Thomson Reuters.

The LINK talked to the three founders Jeremy Hughes, Tobias Andersson and Chris Harding, about the company’s journey over the last decade and how it all started during a regular visit to the pub back in 2008.

The trio felt that they could offer the same great service as a big marketing agency but without all the unnecessary overheads that come with it. A gap in the market was identified and virtualROI set out to fi ll it. The business model was different from other agencies‘ since it aimed to be both scalable and flexible at the same time. This in combination with a strong vision of the ethos and methodology of the company, proved to be a successful strategy for virtualROI.

But a lot has changed since being a small start-up back in 2008. The founders emphasised that continually adopting new technologies have always helped both marketing and their business to strive forward and grow as well as ensured that they are up to date with industry trends. Tobias Andersson said: “What we try to do is use technology for the good things it can provide and not just for technology’s sake, but not being afraid to test new things and evaluate if it delivers on the objective and goals of the client’s challenges.”

However, working in this fastpaced environment, the path has not always been straight. The founders acknowledged that adapting to changes will always be the biggest challenge of their industry, including innovative technologies. Over the last 10 years, there have been new technologies that have changed things overnight, said the trio, as well as how marketing is conducted from the ground up. The founders stated that technology really does make for a “multi-touch approach” these days and they also highlighted other great challenges related to new regulation such as the recent implementation of the GDPR.

Ten years after launching the company, the founders are proud to now run a successful business in a fast-changing industry. They know that constant change is a given in their industry, so exactly what the future might hold for virtualROI is unclear, but one thing they all know is that they are aiming for at least another 10 years in business.

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