Member Entrepreneur: Tailify

18 June 2018

Lina Sennevall

Influencer marketing has become mainstream and is a tool used by companies of all sizes today. It is however still a fairly new trend but the industry has increased extremely fast over the last few years and the global value was estimated to be $1.07bn last year. The LINK spoke to Fredrik Segerby, CEO and co-founder of SCC Member Tailify, which was one of the first companies to see the potential in using influential people in marketing.

What does Tailify do?
Tailify is “Influencer Marketing Done Right”. We are a full-service data driven partner for influencer marketing, with an award winning proprietary end-to-end platform. We have offices in 4 countries and 5+ years’ experience of launching successful influencer campaigns at scale.

How was the idea of Tailify born?
Back in 2013, we were still at university, and we noticed brands such as Daniel Wellington popping up from nowhere, challenging the biggest brands in the world in their respective areas – and they were hugely successful. They had found something that the big brands hadn’t, and they were growing exceptionally fast – the answer was influencer marketing. We started looking into the space, and this was very early days. We found that no one provided influencer marketing services professionally for the big brands and agencies, so we had the idea to create a company solely focusing on that and that’s how we ended up creating Tailify.

Tell us a bit about the journey of Tailify from being founded to where it is today.
We decided to start the company in Sweden because the country has always been in the forefront of innovation, and the blogging market was big there. It was easier to introduce this new idea there than anywhere else. We managed to sign Disney and Unilever as our first two clients, so we knew we were on to something. But it took two years before the market as a whole started taking off. After a quick stop in Copenhagen, where we had an office for six months, we decided to move to London in 2016 and go after the international market. Since then we have grown 15 percent month over month and from three employees to 23. In January, we launched our US office and in March we opened an office in Sofia, Bulgaria, where three of our developers sit.

Do you still see yourself as a Swedish company?
We are a global company by trade, but our heritage is Swedish. We founded the company in Sweden and all founders are Swedish and we still have a big Swedish client base. I think we will always see ourselves as a Swedish company in one way. It’s definitely a big part of our company culture and I think it has reflected very well in the way we approach business in other countries. We value the work-life balance and we often get praised for acting professionally, which are two traits I think we have because of our Swedish heritage. So, it does play an important role in our company and the values we promise to our clients.

What is your background before Tailify?
I was a student at Cass Business School in London before we started Tailify. I did a degree in Business Studies and also started the Scandinavian Business Society. Prior to moving to London to pursue my studies, I worked in sales and had different internships. One of the most exciting internships I had was for a company that later became Tictail. It was definitely one of the best learning experiences I’ve had, and I got to work very closely with their team.

Along the way, what have the challenges been?
A lot. It’s almost impossible to make a list of all of them. I think, that when you start a company, you have a picture in your head of what it will be like and how it will turn out. The only thing you can know for sure, is that it will definitely change along the way (which is a positive thing by the way). Probably the biggest challenge for us was that we started long before people even knew what influencer marketing was, so we have always had to educate the market.

Have any mistakes been made?
Again, a lot. If you don’t make any mistakes you don’t try hard enough. We’ve done plenty of things wrong but we implemented a culture early on which was to fail fast, learn faster. Failing has been the way forward for us, by that I don’t mean that we fail on purpose, but that we try things and constantly evolve and grow as a company.

What is the future goal of the company?
Our bigger goal is the be the full-service data driven partner for influencer marketing, for the biggest brands and agencies in the world. The way we break that down is by building trusted partnerships with brands that want to scale up their influencer marketing, we work as an extension of their team. In the next nine months we will also expand our office in New York, where we already have clients that we work with.

What is the best part of your job?
That every new day is different from the last day. I’m very lucky that I can go to work every day and sit among people that do a really great job and inspire me to do even better. We also have a lot of fun working together at Tailify and there are always exciting project and clients, so we never go bored to be honest. We have been through a lot over the years since we started Tailify but it has been, and still is, the best learning experience of my life.

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