Introducing a new series of webinars on operating and leading a business

23 March 2020

These are challenging times for many businesses – as it is for society-at-large. In light of this, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce is pleased to introduce a whole new series of webinars, within our ‘Running a Business’ series, focused on informative and interactive webinars and Q&As with experts in their respective fields. These have been designed as an opportunity for members to share insight, and to support the community in a time of disruption.

Organised together with member businesses, themes will span from HR challenges, Government subsidies to leading remote teams and business resilience, to mention some. If there are themes that you would value, please do get in touch. We are here to support.

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In light of COVID-19, Swedish and British governments have issued guidelines for individuals and businesses that are experiencing times of uncertainty. The guidelines include information on what the governments are doing to support businesses. Read more:
SCC patron @hm is changing its supply chain to give protective gear to hospitals lacking for health workers and equipment needed for treating coronavirus cases. Read more here:
In this feature by the financial news platform Realtid, Jan Olsson, SCC Chairman and CEO Nordics at Deutsche Bank, shares his views on the current state of the Swedish M&A market, and why stakeholders can remain calm amidst this time of uncertainties.

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