Good Things Come in Small Packages: A Big Prize for a Small Knife

11 October 2016

Elin Hammenfors

What does the hunter, the hiker and the outdoor enthusiast have in common? They all love the Eldris.

The Eldris Morakniv is something entirely new. A small fi xed blade knife that fi ts in your pocket and can be hung around your neck. It has a precision blade and ground spine compatible with a fi re starter. Its compact design and all-round convenience adds innovation to the outdoor world, which was recently acknowledged by the jury of the Scandinavian Outdoor Award. The jury is made up by the most prestigious outdoor journalists in Europe and as the products are tested in an outdoor environment, the award has gained high respect and recognition in both industry and outdoor retail. The jury´s motivation for Eldris’ win was innovation, due to the simplicity and the function of the design.

“For a knife of its small size, its balance and the good feel in the hand is exceptional. The sheath and knife material appear extremely durable and the sheath design provides secure carrying and stowing capability. The jury also likes the fact the knife, all materials and the packaging are produced locally by the company”, read the motivation.

The Morakniv carries a lot of history as knives have been made in the area around Mora since the 1600’s while the foundations of today´s factory were laid in 1891. The local handicraft has been inherited and the knives are still made by hand by the knifemakers. However, a lot has happened in the last couple of years. It was actually as recent as 2005 that the two major knife manufacturers, Frosts of Mora and KJ Eriksson, merged into the single company Mora of Sweden, which later became Morakniv.

The company has been going through an evolution since the 1600s from producing the classic craftsmen’s knives mainly used at the farm to today’s new outdoor and kitchen lines.

“Sweden has for a long time been known for the classic craftsmen’s knives but we have also had knives suitable for Outdoor for a long time. After having supplied products for the meat processing industry for over 70 years it was a natural step to also provide good quality kitchen and steak knives to the consumer side,” says Tobias Eklund, Sales Director at Morakniv.

A Morakniv is entirely made in Mora and the Eldris carries the Swedish Stainless Steel classic 12C27 blade and comes in fi ve different colours, all deeply associated with Mora and Dalarna. The black of Coal, the Falu Red, Dala Blue, Moss Green and Golden Ocher editions will all be found in the collection of a true outdoorsman.

“Most times the modern outdoor life doesn’t need much more than this knife. The Eldris fits perfect for the growing consumer group that go for light weight trekking, MTB, Trailrunning and so on. You could say that this is our interpretation of the folding knives that are very popular today, but Eldris has the advantages of the rigid features of a fi xed blade. Moreover, what also makes Eldris truly unique is that it can be carried in so many different ways without getting in the way - around the neck, in the pocket or in the backpack,” Eklund says.

Morakniv is not only releasing new knives, such as the Eldris, but have also recently opened the first ever Morakniv Concept Store in the heart of Mora, Sweden, where guests are instructed in knife carving alongside products that complement Mora´s line of knives. In order to please us international Morakniv fans as well, there is now a Web Shop up and running, supplying 125 years of knife models.

When reading this article, did you start thinking back to the old scouting days or has the hectic city life suddenly started to feel a bit suffocating? Did it suddenly feel like the right time to become the outdoorsy person you always knew deep down that you are? Don’t worry, Eklund has got the best camping sites for you:

“There are many great places to enjoy the outdoors in Sweden, many people literally have the great outdoors in their backyard. When I spend time camping with my family I enjoy to go for a 'smaller’ Big Adventure, i.e. close to home. You can have a fantastic time by camping a few minutes by car from your house, or why not pitch the tent in your own garden. However, I love to spend time in the mountains and my favourite spots would be the area around Ottsjö in Jämtland where you have a smorgasbord of great hiking and trail running and is also perfect for family trips. I would also warmly recommend the Sarek National Park, the perfect destination for Real Wild life and back country hiking”.

And to all of you who have started googling for “Outdoor Camping Sweden”, don’t forget about the Right of Public Access which is unique for Sweden, and will give you the best access to the Outdoors.

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